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Mercuria contends that there will be insufflate verification of Toptip’s misfortunes. Despite it doesn’t debate the fact that Toptip entered into the Substitute Contract with RGL, it contends that Toptip had not indicated that it had paid a freight rate of US$25.25 for every metric tonne under the substitute contract. It likewise contends that Ms Albers’ expert evidence of the market freight rate cannot be depended upon. The Recap E­mail makes reference to 160,000 metric tons for iron ore, which is a close estimation of the 168,109 metric tons that were really transported. The Recap E­mail additionally alludes of the discharging ports about Zhoushan and Nantong, and the loading port for Ponta Ubu, at from claiming which would alluded with in the freight rate dated 13 November 2015.  Documentary confirmation demonstrating that the vessel surely voyaged to those ports during an important time might also be discovered in Mr Liu’s AEIC. Indeed, the vessel fulfil to arrive at Ponta Ubu on 30 November 2014, the final day of the laycan specified in the Charter contract made between Toptip and Mercuria. Mr Liu’s denial of the Recap email must be dismissed. Turning Right away with Ms Albers’ testimony, we would of the see that the judge might have been right to accept her proof that the freight rate of US$25.25 for every metric tonne might have been sensible in perspective of the prevailing market rate of an average of US$24.50. Mercuria contends that Ms Albers’ master confirmation may be untrustworthy because of her not providing those supporting documents considering which she built her appraisal. Her disappointment of being unable to attach those documents might have been unsuitable but this alone wasn’t enough to prove that her finishes were questionable. Similarly, as the judge noted at 63 of the Judgment, her confirmation might have been the best confirmation preceding that court and was believable provided for her “substantial expertise and qualifications in this area”. 


In perspective of the over discussion, Toptip may be qualified for
harms in the entirety of cash of US$1,151,546. 65, being those Contrast in the
cargo rate suggested Toward Mercuria (US$18. 40) What’s more that which
connected of the substitute contract (US$25. 25) for 168,109 metric tons for
iron metal.

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