Measurement to be gathered concerning the yoghurt was

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From the
information we had observed we decided to conduct a survey with the aid of
shopping store assistance. We formulated a questionnaire where information that
was to be gathered concerning the yoghurt was through an interview. Individuals
that were picked for the interview were those that purchased yoghurt in the
store. The items that were needed in the collection of data was an iPad that
would be used for recording purposes .The presence of a pen and note book for
taking notes during the interview. The questions that were contained in the
questionnaire included:

is your favorite yoghurt brand?

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how long have you consumed the product?

influences the choice of brand that you consume?

is your perception on the yoghurt brand?

there is the emergence of another yoghurt brand in the market that is better
than the current one would you shift your taste?

of the arising problem from the research was the aspect of time. Most of the
respondents were not notified of the presence of the interview thus the scope
of time for the interview was around ten minutes since most of them stated they
had a very busy schedule. The responses of the questions that I got from the
interview were not fully answered since some details were left out. Securing a
venue for the interview at the stores was a difficult task thus I decided to
interview the respondents at the garage when they were done with their

Quantitative method application

usage of open ended questionnaires enabled the respondents not to be confined
to certain responses but based on their own perceptions. It also enabled us to
gather information on what factors that contribute to loyalty in consumption of
various brands. The independent variable in the study was consumer’s perception
behavior while the dependent variable was the brand loyalty. In most of the
studies concerning consumer’s brand loyalty the aspect that is greatly reviewed
are the factors that contribute to brand loyalty among consumers but in the
research that I conducted it observed how consumer’s perception might affect
the brand loyalty. Therefore, the research employed the usage of qualitative
research design that interrogated on the perception of consumers towards various
yoghurt brand purchased through viewing of file footages at the store. The
statements from participants were reviewed to ensure that the information was
accurate. Field notes and texts of the interview were interpreted using coding
by the researcher as data was collected. The null hypothesis that was developed
in the research was: Consumer’s perception of behavior influences choice of
brand. The research hypothesis that was developed: There is a significant
relationship between Consumer’s perception behavior and loyalty towards a
certain brand. The hypothesis of the study was evaluated based on a scale and a
linear graph was drawn to represent it. 

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