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This article fundamentally talks about McDonaldization in the present and in the past. McDonaldization is being able to find the most effective way in doing something. In a society, people hardly fight to find a better solution, they depend on what has already been discovered, and therefore is easier to perfect. McDonaldization has played a huge role in today’s world. McDonaldization’s main focus is effectiveness, speed, and effort.

For example, when eating at home you have to go to H-E-B to buy all the ingredients, come home and prepare them to be cooked, cook everything, wait the amount of time for everything to be done, set the table, eat, and finally pick everything up. McDonaldization played its part and made a restaurant so that the previous process would not take up so much time. Yes, a restaurant was a success but it had its defects. You had to drive there, decide on what you wanted to eat, and wait for the chef to complete everyone’s order. This used too much effort.

Consequentially, McDonaldization took part in bringing up fast food restaurants like McDonalds, which reached its highest accomplishment. McDonald’s acquired the criteria of McDonaldization, effectiveness, speed, and most importantly minor effort (George Ritzer 1996) According to Ray Kroc,” McDonald’s had a system of simplicity and effectiveness. ” Kroc began to experiment theories to discover what made this outstanding system complete. McDonald’s went from receiving whole buns in boxes, to receiving cut buns in reusable boxes to minimize the effort of the employees.

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It used wax paper to separate the patties so that when the employees were ready to cook, they would just slide the patty off directly into the grill. Its short and simple menu saved the time along with paying right then and there. The tables were set next to trash cans so that it was easy to just get up, throw your trash, and leave (Ray Kroc 1977 pg. 96-97) It wasn’t until 1975 that McDonald’s gained its most important recognition in introducing it’s drive-through. Within four years, its numerous locations we’re all up to date with drive-through’s.

The advantage of these drive-throughs were that you had less parking spaces and less tables because people were now just going through the drive-through. This meant you had fewer employees who did less work because almost half of its work was through the drive-through. People who went through the drive-through even had the advantage to eat in their car and earn themselves more time, which is a very big plus to McDonaldization. To this day McDonalds’s system is still up and running and is successful (Ray Kroc 1977). Many people may view McDonaldization as a good thing, but if you really think about it is not.

This concept has not just been used in restaurants; it has spread throughout society. What McDonaldization does is makes an individual indolent. It is used to make things faster and quicker but in the end are those things good for us? People tend to never think about the end, the final product. McDonaldization blinds us and unfortunately this will never have an end in our type of society. Work Cited “The McDonaldization of Society,” by George Ritzer, reprinted from The McDonaldization of Society, 1996. Copyright © by Pine Forge Press. pp. 35–58, 121–142, 177–204.

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