Martial in their repertoire (Felipe ‘Bot’ Jocano, 1997).

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Martial arts are
high-aerobic workout that requires every muscle group in the body to be
activated (Medina, 2016). Moreover, it is
already acknowledge to promote coordination and balance based on research
evidences (Solloway,
2016; Leinonen, 2013; Rios, 2017; al. S. S., 2013; Hallal, 2016; Fong, 2013;
al. M. J., 2016; al. D. L., 2017; al. M. A., 2014; al. C. K., 2008).
Additionally, it teaches self-discipline and confidence to the participants (Anderson,

One of the
well-practice Filipino martial arts is arnis, sometimes referred as eskrima which
was known in ancient Philippines as “kali” and is considered as the national
sport and martial art of the Philippines. Arnis is a complete martial art
system, encompassing weapons training and empty-hand self-defense. It includes
training in single stick techniques (solo baston), double stick techniques (doble
baston), stick and knife or dagger techniques (espada y daga) and knife
techniques (daga). Some styles may include staff and spear (sibat) training in
their curriculum. Others will include the practice of medium to long bladed
weapons (bolo) in their repertoire (Felipe ‘Bot’ Jocano, 1997). The
primary weapon of arnis is the rattan stick, which differs in size; however it
is usually about 28 inches or 71 cm in length (HILL, 2010). There was
difficulty in researching the origins of arnis since most sources tend to be
oral history or folkloric in nature. They are not exactly historical documents
in the sense of being eyewitness accounts (Felipe ‘Bot’ Jocano, 1997). According to Leo
Robert Viajar, MAT PE, an expert on human kinetics, arnis qualifies as an
effective exercise program by means of pragmatic and scientific evaluation. It
covers the development of different fitness components like balance, endurance,
speed, power and reaction time. He considers arnis as a complete sport in view
of the fact that it contains diversity of movements and the physical challenge
it impose on the human body. Asides from improving the capacity of the heart
and lungs and reducing body fat, it also stimulates joint mobility particularly
the four major joints of the body namely shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.
Joint mobility is the key to attaining other fitness attributes like balance,
flexibility and agility (Mallari, 2010). The arnis angle of
attacks applies similar pattern of movements with the Indian club
swinging.  Both systems stress flowing
circular patterns and the figure-eight motion. According to Thomas’ research,
he revealed that this kind of movements is extremely beneficial to the shoulder
girdle (Thomas, November 1995).

Breaking an
addiction can be awfully tough. People who are victims of alcohol and drug
addiction are suffering from depression and anxiety (Rachel R Hammer, Molly J Dingel, Jenny E Ostergren, Katherine E
Nowakowski, and Barbara A Koenig, 2013; Mackenzie Whitesell, Annette Bachand,
Jennifer Peel, and Mark Brown, 2013; Hensing, 2012). Practicing arnis as
part of the recovery from alcohol and drug addiction can be beneficial.
Numerous research were conducted regarding the benefits of some well-known
Asian martial arts such as Tai chi, karate, aikido, kung fu, muay thai and taekwondo
in fitness, overall health, and functioning (Thomas Draxler, Herwig Ostermann, Wilfried Honekamp, 2011; al. S. S.,
2013; Rios, 2017; Tracey W. Tsang, Michael R. Kohn, Chin Moi Chow, and Maria
Antoinette Fiatarone Singh, 2010). For that matter, a
quite number of alcohol rehabilitation centers in Thailand added these
well-known Asian martial arts in their exercise program; however, no journals
proved its effectiveness. Therefore, this study will evaluate the efficacy of
martial art in alcohol and drug rehabilitation recovery with the use of
Philippines’ national martial art: Arnis.

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 Participating to this martial art exercise
program can help the people overcome the psychological challenges of addiction.
It may help clear the mind from stress, depression, trauma and other negative
thoughts which is the result of their substance abused. Victims of drug and
alcohol addictions are often unfit and unhealthy due to months or years of
addiction (Hensing, 2012). For that reason,
the availability of the arnis as part of their exercise program in their
recovery can help them in regaining their physical health and put them in good
shape. At the same time, they will build discipline within themselves and mold
their confidence that will increase the sense of well-being which then mends
their addiction. In many cases, people who are recovering from addiction feel
unsatisfied and bored with the recovery process. This means that they will be
more likely to relapse. By engaging in arnis, the individual will have
something constructive to do during their recovery. When the mind is free from
the cravings, it is easier to avoid the substance addiction in the future. Apart
from those, this exercise program will promote our own martial art as well. Assist
the clients in rebuilding their lives from substance addiction to martial art
sport devotion. 

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