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Executive Summary

Fizzy time soda is a company specialized in manufacturing of organic soft drinks which do not chemicals. The company decided to star in production of chemical free soft drinks after discovering the effects of chemicals to human bodies. The company had its objective and the mission aimed at offering its consumers with the quality beverages and at the same time taking care of human health factors.

This is the reason why the company prefers bottling the soft drinks in glass bottles. These bottles can be recycled hence avoiding the use of plastic bottles, which are unfriendly to the environment and human life on the long run. The company’s marketing plan aims at ensuring that products get to the market in the required quantities and quality hence meeting demands of the consumers.

The marketing plan has to ensure product awareness is increased in order to increase the number of consumers (Abrahams, 2009). This enlarges market share, because increased number of potential consumers, are made aware of the products. The plan has to explain in details the best methods to be used in promoting the products to ensure that competitors do not take all their consumers easily.

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In addition, the plan has to detail how prices will be set in order for the products to remain affordable to the consumers. At the same time, profitability must be retained for the company to succeed in all its areas. The plan has to show how the products will be positioned in order to compete with similar products in the market. Positioning gives products a significant stake in the market because consumers will fight to get the product with certain abilities above other similar products in the same market.

For example, soft drinks from Fizzy time Soda Company are known to be healthy as they do not contain chemicals which affect some of its consumers. In fact, customer remarks prove that these drinks are preferred by consumers across the age’s bracket. Both the old and the young enjoy these products due to their chemical free nature hence not complicating their health conditions.

Current marketing situation

The current marketing strategy is faced with several challenges due to changes in technology. Competitors are using advanced methods of creating awareness of their products, hence making it difficult for Fizzy time Soda Company to have its beverages sell in the market.

Some products need to be rebranded in order to have appealing looks to buyers who need to buy attractive products that will meet their demands. Depending on the previous results of products performance in the market, some products are doing well while others need more funding and marketing for them to win and maintain customer base (Abrahams, 2009).

Restructuring marketing strategy is vital in order to save some of the products from falling due to pressure from aggressive competitors. The market environment for these products is becoming unusually harsh each day. Therefore, the company has to come up with new strategies in order to keep selling in the market. If the company ignores the call to adjust its marketing strategy upwards, the competitors may weaken is market share.

SWOT analysis

The company has its own strong and weak points which range from the assets owned by the company to other resources. One of the main strength of Fizzy time Soda Company is that it is known for producing quality soft drinks. This fact has seen the company enjoy market share full of loyal customers who can stand up to testify about the quality of these products.

This factor has helped the company to stick in the competitive market for so long regardless of many upcoming competitors. In addition, fizzy time company has the best equipment for manufacturing quality soft drinks. This has helped them to maintain their quality standards for so long making their products a preference to many consumers (Preston-Campbell, 2009).

On the other hand, fizzy time Soda Company needs to upgrade their production systems to match current technology in order to increase their output. Increase in demand in the market becomes hectic for the company as they struggle to produce large volumes. The company needs to increase its capacity in order to tackle deviations in market demand with ease.

The company has several opportunities in extending to new markets because the products sell themselves due to known quality. In fact, most of their new markets come up from consumers who demand to have fizzy time soda products near to them hence providing a ready market for those products (LLC, 2010).

However, there are threats from competitors who produce similar products with the aim of confusing customers who think they are buying fizzy time soda products. In addition, there have been companies trying to produce counterfeit products hence tarnishing the face of fizzy time sodas in the eyes of consumers. However, the company has been able to know such companies and sued them in the court of law at the same time.

Objectives and issues

This plan aims at ensuring that the company maintains over 98% of its initial share of the market. Advertisements should be placed in all media in order to reach each and every potential consumer. The marketing strategies should target individual consumers by involving the company in community based activities.

This ensures that the community learns and accepts the quality and usefulness of these products since they join in aiding community works. Attainment of these objectives may be hindered by several factors including competition from other firms.

Target market

The company is targeting youths since they are the largest consumers of soft drinks in the world. This is the reason fizzy time Soda Company is planning to hold youth’s events days in order to market their products. They should make sure that they offer fun and sports facilities and brand the occasions with their products.

Another segment of the market that fizzy time soda company targets are the elder people and the entire family members. This means that all people are advised to use these drinks because they do not contain chemicals which cause danger to human health (Carey, 2002). These beverages are positioned number one for quenching thirst and offering people with drinks for reconditioning their health complications.

Marketing strategy

The company has concrete plans aimed at making sure their products are known to the consumers hence retaining company sales. The company has come up with a plan for popularizing their products by thorough promotions. The company marketers have come up with adequate ways of making sure soft drinks of the right quality get to the market hence satisfying the needs of consumers (Preston-Campbell, 2009).

It is in the plan that the company sends its representatives to take stake in community based programs. It does this in order to present its face hence convincing the local people on the products. The company aims at creating awareness to the entire society hence increasing the market share.

Marketing programs

Marketing programs were focused on elements such as products whereby the company ensured that their products were to the quality promised to consumers to retain them forever. This means that these products have to be of a good standard and delivered in the right quantities to the market (Margles, 2011). On the other hand, pricing is another factor where products have to be priced in a way to make them affordable to the consumer.

This means that depending on prices of products from other competitors the company has to adjust its prices to attract consumers, hence increasing sales volume. On place, the company has come up with various channels of distributing the beverages to ensure that they get to the market at the right time. These distribution channels ensure that products are not damaged during transit to the market hence reducing the amount of products returned to the company due to damages.

The company has come up with promotion strategies to make sure that product awareness is enhanced in all sections of the market. Marketers approached both print and electronic media to advertise their products and gave some incentives as a way of encouraging consumers.

Financial plans

After implementing this marketing plan, the company expects to reap in a great manner because changes will have taken place in many areas. For example, the company expects to increase its sales volume by over 50% annually hence translating to large revenues (Carey, 2002). The marketing expenses must exceed normal expenses by about 10% due to increased advertisements and expenses in community based projects.

Implementation control

The management has to set up certain days in intervals of quarterly to discuss progress. In case they discover weak points in the plan, they should move particularly fast to correct and get the changes in place. All these will see the company meet its objectives hence maximizing on profits.


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