Marketing Strategies

Our company Travel Food Mission statement is quite
simple. Travel food mission is to make the food to the next level and provides
you a great food experience. Our company committed to make to make everyday
food in extraordinary ways (“Food Product maker mission statements,” n.d. ). In
a better and profitable company, the marketing goals are very mandatory because
of good marketing goals and plans our company became much familiar among the
public. The marketing strategy will emphasize the strengths of both company and
the products (“Food Services Marketing Plan,” n.d. ). The first and the
foremost marketing goals are to be held the trade shows and show our company
food product into the public. Our product has to be more attractive than the
others. Our Company always have to generate increased brand awareness
quantified by reactions/feedback of customers sat the trade shows (“Food
Services Marketing Plan,” n.d. ). The second one strong marketing goal is PR
expertise. PR is a different thing from advertising. PR manages company image
and reputation and it basically focuses the target market of our company So, PR
expertise is one of the strongest marketing goal. Food launches can take more
creative formats beyond the dated press release. Videos, contests, speeches,
demonstration and partnerships on social platforms can create a instant
attention (Marketing Healthy Food: Strategies to make
Discovery Easier Marketing Healthy Food: Strategies to make Discovery Easier
(Zucker, M. 2017). Every new food product always
creates attention among public So, the customers are excited to taste the new
food product. The videos, contests, speeches and so on is play a crucial role
to market our company product. The last but not the least market goal is We
must have to focus on our food product price like there are some major food
restaurants where the food is too expensive either a common man couldn’t
afford. So, our food product must be cheaper, and quality of food should be
excellent as well. Now, we would like to tell you that why Our Toronto Foods company
product is unique and different to other companies. In Toronto foods company
you can make your food by your own it means that you can make some customized
food like some people tastes are different some people not like some
ingredients So, you only have to choose the ingredients what you like and make
by your own with the help of our chefs. We have touch screen menu So, there is
no need to stand in a long line of customers you just have to order from the
screen and your food is ready and grab it. You can also order your food from
home so, when you reach to Toronto Foods your order became ready. In our menu the
dishes names are translated in all different languages so, if you not speak
English you only have to choose the dish name in our menu in your language and
there is a code besides the dish So, you can enter the code on the menu screen
and it automatically ordered. This system helps to communicate with us and tell
us which dish you would like to eat. When we talk about to branding our product
Today, creative teams are required to seamlessly brand product across multi
media, using the same voice, design, messaging, often with different creative
teams and designers creating separate brand extensions (“Product Branding
Strategy Across Multiple Platforms,” n.d. ). Your ideas must be innovative. We
use bags where food has been packaged there is our company name printed on the
bags So, you can also use the bags for the grocery too. We also distributed
some company printed name shirts with every order. Also served pens, notebooks,
water bottles and so these items help company for branding. Our company also
offers you special discounts like on your birthday, weeding anniversary, Job
promotions etc. Our designers also make some characters to brand our product.
Our product is unique because we not only served food we also served happiness
to our customers. In Marketing, Promotion mean to advertise the product of the
company to enhance their sale. The five Promotional channels are: –

Traditional Media

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Digital media

Search engine Optimization(SEO) “Top 5 Digital Marketing
Channel” (Hecking, S. n.d. )

E-mail Marketing (for Customer service) “Top 5 Digital Marketing
Channel” (Hecking, S. n.d. )

Social media Marketing

The first promotional channel is
Traditional media. Traditional media is great source of promotion this method
helps our company to became more famous and profitable. Traditional media
includes Newspapers, Radio, Banners, Billboards, Magazines and so on. Most of
the old people like the traditional methods because local Newspaper targeted a
specific audience in some other ways for example, Newspaper often have special
sections, releases and inserts that targeted audience based on events such as
holiday or season (“What are the Benefits of Local Newspaper advertising?” n.d.
) Newspaper carries a lot of information and there a discount coupons are
pasted on newspapers and old peoples really like Newspaper. On the other hand,
when we talk about Radio like when we drive a car mostly to not get bored we
turn on the radio Sometimes there are great discounts on food products and
there are also some fun quizzes held on radio. So, Radio is a good method to promote
our product. In most of the offices or grocery stores We see that there are
some magazines to read. There are some also food discount coupons are pasted. People
are like food magazine because the food pictures looks delicious and peoples
really want to eat. There are the multiple reasons why the banners are still
very popular in these days, despite the modern electronic media because banners
are less expensive are more attractive (“What are the Importance of Banners,”
2015). Banners are the great medium for advertisement especially for small
businesses. Our second Promotional channel is Digital media. Digital media is a
blend of technology and content, and building media products requires team of
professionals with diverse skills, including technical skills, artistic skills,
analytical and production coordination skills (“What is Digital Media?,” n.d.
). Digital media includes web pages, websites, social media like Facebook,
Instagram, twitter etc. Nowadays, Facebook is a great source for advertising the
product. We just have to make our page spread everywhere to like our page and
must be updated. We also have post some discounted coupons and information for
our new product too. On Instagram it’s the same process as well We have to make
a page and post some delicious dishes stories and pictures. Now Our Third
Promotional channel is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) SEO is expensive and
requires someone with experience in search marketing. There is some truth that
good search marketing is not cheap and free. A good SEO firm will use social as
a way to promote content and improve search engine marketing “Top 5 Digital
Marketing Channels” (Hecking, S. n.d. ). Now our Fourth Promotional Channel is
E-mail Marketing for Customer service. E-mail Marketing is very cheap way for
marketing our product. E-mail marketing helps us to reach our customer and
built relationship with our customer. We can easily reach our customers with
the help of E-mailing. We can remind our customer for any kind of food discount
and send some coupons online. We can easily communicate with customer more
effectively and Customers also send their queries via E-mail. Now our last
Promotional Channel is Social Media Marketing. Social media Marketing helps the
consumer to know about the product briefly. Social Media Marketing also build a
relationship between the Company and the consumer. It is also a good source for
communication between the consumer and the company. Out of Five there are three
channels that company must have to focus on it. The first channel is
Traditional media. We have to focus on Traditional media because Newspaper and
Radio is much cheaper Promotional channel than other. We can also announce our
upcoming fest, discounts and so on stuff on Radio. On Newspaper we can also publish
our advertisement with very cheaper prices. The second Promotional channel that
we have to focus is Digital Media. Digital Media is more effective than other
is it is very cheap method. We can post our product news on our own Website or
Blogs which are operated by the trained professional and with the help of
website we are always updated and gives a strong competition to our
competitors. The Third channel we have to focus on is Social Media Marketing.
Social Media Marketing included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
Nowadays Social Media perform a great role to promoting a product We can post
on Social Media our restaurant pictures and location even they also find our
Contact number on Social Media. They also give us their reviews on Twitter and
Tweet us. Also send their Comments about the product and send their reactions
about the product with the help of emoji’s. So, these are the three out of Five
main promotional channels that every company need to focus on. My company
Online strategies are use right Web design Your website must be centre of your
all digital marketing efforts. Your page must be clean, easy to read and
interesting, it won’t matter how much time you put into strategy development.
Creating a website that is up-to-date, attention-grabbing and most of all,
mobile friendly “The Top Internet Marketing Strategies For your Business” (Lake,
L.2017). You always need to have a proper expert or consultant. There are hundreds
of coaches and consultant, many of whom can give you a consultation about what
you should change to see success for small business owner who need to focus on
other Business system, a coach or consultant will extremely helpful “The Top Internet
Marketing strategies for your business” (Lake, L.2017). Your Company must have
to held contests online it gives your company a great promotional strategy. The
messages should your company deliver must be creative and motivational. Our company
partnership must be hardworking, and they know what they are looking for and
what they want to achieve. Also know what the unique thing their competitors
have or what the unique thing what they not have. Your partner must have the
aim to achieve and make the company more and more Profitable. Every company
must have to held a type of fest or meeting where all the happily satisfied
customers and newly customers come and give us their reviews and talk with
other people that how much they like our product and satisfied.

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