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It is appalling that the sale of in America is authorized by the government, and is a legal right of the American person to purchase a firearm or to use a firearm to shoot someone for so called protection for themselves. I feel that it is disgusting that firearms even exist, let alone the sale of them legally. I am against the sale of a firearm, the use of a firearm and even the existence of firearms Many Americans argue that the purchase of a firearm is to only protect themselves and their family, despite this I am still against the sale of firearms in America.

This brings me onto another point, considering firearms were originally made to protect, I was astounded to find out that there is over one hundred and sixty three times more gun related murders in America in contrast to the U. K every single year. In the natural fact I believe that there is only reason for the manufacturing and purchase of a firearm, which is the simple reason to commit a murder or to intentionally injure a person, with full knowledge of what to do.

Without hesitation I believe that you would definitely agree with me by saying that, guns are disgusting, despicable and outrageous. The meaning of the word ‘protection’ is to ‘keep safe from harm or injury’, but how in any way does a gun keep a person protected, or preventing them from sustaining an injury, so in what way does a firearm fulfil its purpose of protection. The weapon that people claim can save lives, is actually taking thousands of innocent lives all over America.

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People can say that a gun is purchased to protect, and if you were to ask a person who owns a gun they would without thought and hesitation say ‘yes, a gun does protect and it succeeds in its purpose’, but nevertheless not a single person who believes in that statement has a single thread of evidence to prove it. But then the evidence of the failure and the purchase and use of a firearm is all around us this very day.

Leading firearm manufacturers promote the purchase of guns when there is a murder, but thinking logically this should not happen because if there is a murder due to a machine that you have made there should be an outrage against the sale of it, rather than the promotion of a firearm from the manufacturer. Gun manufacturers only promote the sale of guns for the billions of dollars that are made due to the sale of guns.

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