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Some call it the demon weed some call it just plane fun well here
is the official statistics on the plant known as Marijuana. For
starters well go with the health part of the plant. Many
Educational and or other health videos in school have you believe that
Marijuana is going to ruin your life and leave you brain dead, but there
has been no known proof that it has had any long term brain damage to
the human brain. The only damage suggested by American Medical
Association (AMA) is that it effects the short term memory and they only
believe your memory will be affected as long as you smoke it in large
amounts afterwards when you quit they say memory should return to
normal. The AMA also states that the drug is better in your lungs than
Tabacco in the way that it does less damage because people smoke it less
to get the effects needed. They also say that you still shouldnt smoke
it and it would be healthier to ingest the drug. There have also been
false reports made on the drug to scare people away from using it. For
instance Dr. Gabriel Nahas was fired for falsifying reports that the
drug did kill humans by experimenting on monkeys. He put the animals
into a room and exposed them to proportionally more Marijuana than a
human would smoke in a life time to prove his point, but he hid the fact
of the amount of smoke used. The AMA supports the legalization of
Marijuana because its applications to medical use in many ways.
Deaths due to weed. So far there have been no deaths due to
Marijuana recorded, in fact the only way to actually overdose on the
drug is by smoking three quarters of a ton of it in fifteen minutes!!
yes you heard it folks fifteen minutes! Doing this is humanly
impossible in fact you are more likely to pass out before accomplishing
this task. The only deaths are related to people using the drug then
trying to perform other tasks like driving or to perform some other task
which involves large amounts of concentration. In fact a only 75 people
in America are killed in Marijuana related incidents a year.
Here is a chart showing the deaths in overdose and or long term use of
other drugs in comparison to Marijuana per year.

Alcohol (excluding accident or crime)…… 125,000 +
Illegal Drugs (excluding Marijuana)………. 3,800-5,200
Marijuana……………………………………………… 0
* Source Government Bureau of Mortality Statistics
The drug hasnt been involved in many if at all any violent
crimes. In fact Federal Bureau of Narcotics Director Harry Anslinger
reports that Marijuana is not a violence inducing drug, it is the exact
opposite it is a anti-violent drug or a pacifist. Every year Twenty
million people either smoke or attempt to smoke the drug they include
Artists, Musicians, Writers, Inventors and yes even Lawyers. He says
that they could be some of the happiest people you know. 🙂
Marijuana is in no way addictive and the statement of the drug
being a stepping stone for greater more dangerous drugs is false.

Studies have shown that it has the same effect as Caffeine, sugar, or
alcohol. The only crimes usually ever committed are having the
possession or smoking the drug.

THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active ingredient in Marijuana
it causes minor hallucinations, what appears to be the slowing down of
time and is also considered a downer or depressant. THC can be found in
three forms Marijuana, Hashish, and Hashish Oil. Marijuana or Cannabis
sativa also known weed the most widely used for of THC and is the
only plant known to produce it. The plant is most commonly know as a
weed usually takes six to seven months to start budding the bud is the
part of the plant that is usually smoked and or eaten. The plant
requires a rather warm and moist place to grow properly. If not grown
properly the plants THC level is reduced dramatically.
Hashish is defined in the websters dictionary as a narcotic
derived from hemp that is chewed, smoked or drunk for its intoxicating
effects. Well… I guess that is about the best way you could put it.
Hashish is most widely used in the Netherlands and Germany in places
called well… Hashish Bars. There you can purchase it and use it which
is very uncommon for most countries because it is illegal every where
else. Hashish Oil is pretty much the same thing but it is in an oil
form therefor making it more potent.
The first known use of marijuana is in 8000 B.C. where it was used
for clothing and other useful little items. The first known time that
marijuana was smoked was in the year 2700 B.C. in the country of China
for religious purposes. Famous people that are have said to smoke the
drug were Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and yes
it was even rumored that John F. Kennedy Jr. was to have smoked it
because it remedied his back problems.
How Marijuana is Smoked
There are many different ways that people have invented to smoke
it. The three main ways are the Joint, the Bowl, and one of the most
liked styles the Bong. Joints are one of the most commonly used types
of weed smoking. It involves using a small sheet of paper called
rolling papers these can be bought at any local convenience store. You
roll the Marijuana by hand into the paper like a cigarette.
Another common way of taking in the smoke is through a small pipe
or Bowl. This is the easiest version of smoking it in that you only
have to put the drug into a relatively small container like you would
stuff Tabacco into a pipe. These are usually found in Cigarette and
Tabacco selling locations.

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The least common but healthiest way to smoke the drug is through
what the inventive, yet scientifically smart smokers have come up with
called a Bong. This device has many features to it, for instance you
use water in this device to filter out the worst part of the smoke and
leave nearly all THC. Some Bongs and Bowls come with what smokers call
a carb which increases the hits intensity and volume.
The governments standing on Marijuana seems to be constantly
changing. Most States spend millions of dollars in trying to control the
substance and stop its use and distribution. Some people think that its
a waste of time to spend the money and time on doing so but others seem
to feel differently about it ( probably because they never used it
before ) and try to futile stamp out its use. Just recently California
pass a law saying that it was legal to have the possession of and smoke
the drug but only for medical use and even then the law is very strict
on the people that smoke it legally.
Drug testing for Marijuana is relatively simple yet kind of odd. A
doctor will walk up to you with a small plastic disposable cup and he
will ask you for a urine sample. Now do not take offense at this, this
is what you have to do for the test hes not some weirdo asking for a
urine sample for his collection back at home. He will then take the
sample to a lab and go through the gruesome progress of seeing if you
urine sample has traces of THC in it the average test will take about a
day. There are a few good but extremely odd ways of defeating the test
if you now your going to test positive one of which is a pill called
Golden seal not much is known about how it does it but it does flush
your system of the drug. Another way is a little more odd than the
first you drink lots of vinegar (yuk!) I know what your going to say I
wont do that ever! Well your wrong when it comes down to it, if you
nice paying job is on the line well… chug chug chug away cause that is
a quick way to do it.

There is another way to test for Marijuana and that is though hair
sampling. This process is allot more expensive than urine sampling but
it is more effective in detecting the drug. In fact the only way to not
get detected is to shave every single hair off your body, and that
means EVERY hair including eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit hairs, leg hairs,
arm hairs, and yes even down in the spot where it counts. If you do
know your going to take a hair test well kiss the job goodbye cause well
I think they will know when you come in for the test with out a single
hair on your body.
Well Im going to cut things short hope you dont mind but Im
going to pass out otherwise. Its been fun ta ta.

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