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Technology Corporation is a ground-breaking internet-based company that has
been operating for a little over five years. MarDel Technology are experts in
organizing, cleaning, formatting, and analyzing data to give intelligence about
products, customers and trends. This type of analysis and data collection is an
integral part of research and development that most companies need. The techniques
that are used allow the company to identify product groups and customer
segments for superior targeting of advertising. MarDel Technology uses popular
methods like parsing, data transformation, duplicate elimination, and
statistical methods; by analyzing the data using the values of mean, standard
deviation, range, and clustering algorithms, they find values that are
unexpected and thus erroneous. Additionally, they also rely heavily on
relational databases and look to expand into data warehousing.

gross revenues reported in 2016, totaled thirty-five (35) million dollars which
were a product of services rendered to dozens of Fortune 500 firms. Our company
is dedicated to devising strategies to gain market share, managing risk, and
driving growth as well as offering various services in the IT industry. While
the company has only been in business since 2013, it has performed very well
under the leadership of its current CEO, Star Thomas. During the past five
years, the company has seen profits increase year over year and is becoming a
preferred brand within the IT world. The company currently uses operation
systems and relational databases due to the ease of use.

company will look to integrate all systems and redesign the information
technology, which consists of the hardware and software, in order to meet the
needs of both organizations. The usage of a data warehouse is being considered
since it can support and help manage high volumes of data processing. Also,
instead of having the data warehouse reside on the company’s server, we may
look to utilizing cloud technologies. The usage of cloud technologies will help
to secure and protect the data and serve as a great safeguard during disaster
recovery. Furthermore, cloud technologies usher in the need for virtualization,
which would help to separate the servers so that the companies could operate on
small virtual servers.    

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company also plans to expand and instead of occupying one floor, they will now
occupy three floors in the building that is currently under lease. MarDel Technology
evaluates information via the Internet by using web analytics; this helps with
launching new products, upgrading current products and services and supports development
of new strategies.  MarDel Technology also
outsources some web analytics tasks to other new firms to provide them with an
opportunity to grow their business and partner with them on future projects.

This also enables MarDel to gain an advantage over its competitors and stand as
a leader in the industry. The company also plans to pursue offshoring opportunities
in other countries to learn about the different methods that are used outside
of the United States in hopes that it will be able to incorporate those
successful methods within its own business.

the past three years, MarDel has increased its workforce to twenty-five (25)
full time associates which include four (4) dedicated Information Technology
employees. The annual revenue growth is projected to increase by at least fifty
(50) percent by merging with Chang Enterprises, a multinational company. For the
merger to be a success, both companies have to be armed with the right tools to
make it prosperous. The Information Technology organization consists of the
following personnel:   

Information Officer:  Responsible for overseeing
the development of the IT department and ensuring the usage of new and improved
techniques in technology to increase the productivity of the company. Provides
leadership, planning and effective management in all the areas of information
technology; including negotiation all of the hardware and software deals completed
by the company.  The CIO will also be responsible
for hiring, developing and supervising the staff. The CIO also plays an
important part in protecting the company from various cyber threats which are
quite common nowadays. The CIO is also responsible for developing security
policies and procedures.      

System Manager: Responsible for the computer systems within a company, overseeing
installation, ensuring back-up systems operate effectively, purchasing hardware
and software, providing the ICT technology infrastructures for an organization
and contributing to organizational policy regarding quality standards and
strategic planning. Responsibilities may also include evaluating user needs and
requirements in order to make sound recommendation. 

Administrator: Responsible for the performance, integrity and security of a
database as well as planning, development and troubleshooting. Responsible for
the maintenance and operation of the collections database usage. Possesses
knowledge of the layout and structure of the database and ensures the
information is backed up on a regular basis.

Support Specialist:  Responsible for
providing technical assistance to computer system users. Answers questions or
resolves computer problems for clients and may provide assistance concerning
the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation,
word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems. As a security,
maintains an updated asset inventory of all information devices used by staff

       MarDel Technology collects
and analyzes information obtained from client websites, the internet, surveys
and administrative data. The information that is collected plays an integral
part in performing research in the market and developing different technologies
to clients. The specific type of data that is gathered is census data including
customer demographics and online behaviors; survey data from customers is recorded
along with comments regarding their satisfaction with the client’s product; administrative
data provides the company’s day-to-day operations; client website activity
provides potential audience, visibility and comment information.

explained earlier, MarDel is a fairly new company so the technology
infrastructure is limited which will require an overhaul of both the hardware
and software, which will be redesigned in order to meet the organization’s
needs.  The initial infrastructure was
started in 2013 and is currently comprised of a Web analytics application that
is combined with operational systems data. Currently, there is one domain
controller running on a Windows Server operating system with Microsoft Exchange
Server.  The Windows Server allows the
administrators to manage user accounts and provide employees with access to the
Internet and various programs and applications, which would enable them to
perform their job duties.

the administrators put certain access controls in place in order to protect the
network from intrusion and certain restrictive permissions on user groups to
protect confidential files. The Exchange server allows employees to manage
their email, calendar, and contacts efficiently; this also allows employees to access
mail through their mobile devices. The administrators have also installed and
assigned employees with laptops to enable them to take work remotely at client
sites. To enhance the security of the network, an intrusion detection system
was placed behind the firewall. Cryptography may be utilized as well because it
provides benefits like confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation and


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