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Many know the name, Arnold Rothstein. He is a famous gambler is plays a huge role of the black sox scandal. In fact people believed he is the one who set the whole thing up. Rothstein’s agents paid eight of the players from the Chicago whites to throw the game. He made a huge profit from the game. It is believed he made a profit of about three hundred and fifty thousands dollars.  He was set to go to trial after the scandal in Chicago. There was no evidence of him taking part of the scandal and he was found not guilty. Even though he was found not guilty, people still accuse him for taking a part of the scandal.       Fans wondered what happened after the final. If the Chicago White Sox mentally broke down and lost the game. Or if they lost the game on purpose on the eighth game. This game shock all baseball fans wondering what they witness after watching the final game. News got around that the Chicago White Sox lost the game on purpose. An investigation went on to see what happened in that game. They went on to find out that the game was rigged by gambler known as, Arnold Rothstein. It was that he eight of the players “threw” or lost the game on purpose. The players are known as Arnold Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Oscar Felsch, Joe Jackson, Fred McMullin, Charles Risberg, George Weaver, and Claude Williams. There is one controversial player that didn’t get banned from baseball. His name is Joe Jackson. He was also accuse of not trying and losing the  the game on purpose but he remained innocent in the trial. The players banned is still hold to this day. The eight players also didn’t have the honor to make it the Baseball Hall of Fame. Two years after the scandal, there has been speculation about the 1919 World Series. Of course the fans weren’t happy and they wanted an investigation on that final. They did founds some evidence that there was some players that lost the game on purpose. So they had a trial to see if if any of the players were found guilty.  The trial was set to take place on June 27, 1921 in Chicago. The players were question what happened when they were meeting up to plan the scandal. Who rigged the game? How much the players would get paid for losing the game? Where did they met up to plan to meet up? What players were involved in the meeting? Who left the meeting first? When did they plan the scandal. The players said they would get a huge profit for losing the game on purpose. They said they would get the money from Arnold Rothstein. They would get paid from collecting the money from bets. They met at Hotel Sinton. After the trail , the punishment that all the players that were involved in the scandal were banned from professional baseball. They were also deducted from the baseball hall of fame.One of the biggest question of the Black Sox Scandal, if Arnold Rothstein had been involved with the scandal. He says that he didn’t have any involvement. Another big question is, if Joe Jackson also lost the game on purpose. He was found not guilty in the trial and didn’t have any punishment.

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