Many one of the areas that helps greatly.

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Many areas attribute to children’s
positive growth in school, vocabulary and other aspects of life. Voluntary
reading or reading for pleasure is one of the areas that helps greatly. Richardson
and Eccles (2007) argue that voluntary reading help school a child’s identity,
validate gender roles and help identify a person’s cultural or ethnical
identity amongst other matters. In their research, they used qualitative
interviews alongside six waves of longitudinal survey data to reach their
findings. The results showed that voluntary reading helped greatly in the
interviewees educational aspirations which resulted in them doing better
academically. Reading was also seen to serve as a distressing tool when
educational responsibilities and the pressure to do good in school was causing
stress. Given the fact that the researchers reviewed the interviewees’ lives
since adolescence, they claim that reading is beneficial from a young age in
order to obtain better results in the future. 

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