Many shooting massacres occur widely
through the United States because there aren’t enough strict gun laws that
prevent these massacres. A solution to reduce deaths due to gun violence is to
have stricter firearm regulations and being able to control who buys these

Mass shootings in the United States have sadly turned into an disturbing
pattern that is by all accounts unfortunately rising. There have been shootings
in broad daylight places receiving attention from the media and giving the
impression that they are turning into the new ordinary. Schools, malls, and
even a movie theater is only a couple of the many areas that have seen firearm
violence from a mass shooter. There is such a significant number of questions
to ask; it is difficult to figure out where to begin, yet the population as a
whole simply craves for the violence to stop. Generally, public shootings are
nothing new. Only they appear to happen all the more frequently in the present
society. You can backpedal in history and find out about mass shootings that
have occurred before the turn of the century. The possibility of guiltless
individuals being shot and murdered for reasons unknown is sufficient for
individuals needing to make a move. The issue here is that it appears there are
insufficient individuals willing to stand firm against it. On December 14, 2012, twenty children and six adults are
killed at the school by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who had earlier killed his
mother, Nancy Lanza, in their Sandy Hook home. Later on that day as the police
were approaching Adam Lanza took his own life. (Sullum) On a more recent note,
there was a shooter in Las Vegas by the name of Stephen Padlock. Paddock   killed 58 people and injured hundreds more on Oct. 1
after he shattered windows of his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay
hotel-casino and unleashed rapid gunfire at the music festival below before unloading
the bullets onto himself resulting in his death. (Daily Intelligence) Although
this shooting is undeniably tragic we are still not able to forget the mass
shooting in Columbine High School that caused us to be more aware of the
students around us. On April 20, 1999, two teens Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado,
killing 13 people and wounding over 20 others before turning their guns onto
themselves and committing
suicide. (Robb) Robyn
Anderson, who was a friend of Klebold and Harris, bought the shotguns and his
Hi-Point 9mm Carbine at The Tanner Gun Show
in December of 1998 from unlicensed sellers. Because Anderson purchased
the guns for someone
else, the transition constituted an illegal “straw purchase.”

It is concluded that the United
States is in more need than ever to construct stricter gun laws to prevent mass
shootings like these from happening. In
36 of the 50 states, there are no legal requirements for gun registration, any
permit needed or any license necessary to purchase and own a firearm such as a
rifle, shotgun, or handgun. Due to the lack of these regulations, as well as how
easily many Americans can purchase firearms online or at gun shows, many of the
guns in the United States are not even registered. (Junior Scholastic/Current Events)
Last year, the
FBI official that was overseeing the bureau’s National Instant Criminal
Background Check System was forced to transfer personnel from construction
projects and units that oversee the gathering of crime statistics to keep up
with the surge of requests from the population for background checks.

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It is said that you have a right to
a handgun in your home. It does not say anything about assault weapons. It does
not say anything about concealed weapons. Before the Constitution was forged, we encountered Shays’
Rebellion of 1786-1787, in which a militia had to be called out in
Massachusetts to suppress an uprising against the government’s fiscal policies
before order was reestablished. The purpose of the Second Amendment was to curb
violent dissent, not improve it. (Samuels) At the time, we barely had an armed
force to discuss, so the most secure approach to guarantee the security of the
elected and state governments against subversion was “a well-regulated
militia.” Dick Anthony Heller was a D.C. special police officer who was
approved to convey a handgun while on duty. He applied for a one-year permit for
a handgun he wished to keep at home, however his application was denied. Heller
sued the District of Columbia. He looked for an order against the enforcement
of the applicable parts of the Code and contended that they abused his Second
Alteration ideal to keep a functional gun in his home without a permit. A
number of mass
shootings since the year 2007 have fueled a long running debate about gun rights. While
liberals are starting to throw cash behind pro-gun control efforts, the gun
debate is still widely controlled by Republicans favoring gun rights as far the
money is involved.

Nowadays it seems that firearms are used
for anything but self defense. In 2013, there were only 211 justifiable
homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm, there were 7,838
reported criminal firearm homicides. The study found that in incidents where a
victim used a gun in self-defense, the likelihood of suffering an injury was
10.9 percent. The role of guns in suicides is also often
overlooked.  Because guns are incredibly
lethal, a firearm is responsible for more than half of all suicide deaths. States with the highest gun ownership rates have the highest suicide

The states with the most gun laws see the fewest
gun-related deaths. States with the most laws had a mortality
rate 42% lower than those states with the fewest laws, they found.
The privilege to possess a gun isn’t
absolute; its activity should be dependent upon the individual meeting a few
vital conditions: a criminal and emotional well-being historical verification,
a required mental health background, competency with a gun showed through a
required safety course, a customary restoration prerequisite, a base age
necessity of 25 years, and some type of firearm risk insurance. This takes into
consideration the individuals who are equipped to claim and utilize guns for
both game and self-preservation, and interfaces the privilege to possess a gun
with the capacity to appropriately and sensibly utilize it. This would make it
more probable that every individual firearm proprietor will be dependable, and
that less individuals will die from weapon violence.




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