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Many of
us are familiar with Wal-Mart stores known for selling a variety of products
for less. This retail store operates throughout the world expanding its
business even in third-world countries like Nicaragua.  The power of savings doesn’t stop there;
Walmart Inc. is expanding its branches to other developed countries saving
money. This retailed based company has influenced, and continues to influence
our economy. (Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic
Analysis Review , 2017)

In this
paper, Wal-Mart Corporations will be assessed based on the company’s Strength,
weaknesses, opportunities and Threats (SWOT). The following assessment is based
on articulated and credible resources.


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the advanced technology in recycling and recovering products has been one
important factor in contributing to saving the planet. Using new techniques of
recovering and recycling products like plastics, metals, paper cardboard,
glass, batteries, and electronics are major products this retail giant is
working to save the world by doing its part. Based on Society of Plastics
Engineers, Inc. “more than 1800 businesses in North America are involved in
recycling post-consumer plastics-triple the number of a few years ago”. This is
a bold move taken by Wal-Mart so far in order to save the planet.  (Stewart, Richard. “Going green: eco-friendly materials and
recycling on growth paths). Let alone recycling products themselves
Wal-Mart Inc. told its vendors to do the same. Kroger CO. is one of the vendors
that launched a significant effort, pushing consumers to recycle products after


the US and around the globe Wal-Mart is known for providing more products for
less. The power of saving more bucks in a family they enable their industry to
grow larger and larger every year. Wal-Mart is praised for providing a wide
range of goods that are used in our day to day basis. For instance, they sell
groceries, house appliances, car parts and many more goods. These are all that
consumers need or continue to use through their day. Walmart is the only
company on the mission to improve consumers lives by allowing them to save
money and spend it on other things they love to do(Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic
Analysis Review , 2017)

significant strength seen from Wal-Mart is they supply different types of
goods. For instance, they provide groceries, health and wellness, electronics
department, Clothing section, home categories and car equipment are some of the
products sold by Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart focuses and listens to the consumers. The unbeatable pricing continues
with strategic planning and executing the plans. Wal-Mart Inc. has found out
that listening and communicating with their customers is crucial to achieving
company’s goals. Marketing programs such as “everyday low pricing, everyday low
cost, rollbacks, saving catcher, and Walmart pickup” are most of the programs
used to keep the low cost at this company. Unless the company effectively
communicates with the consumers with either mailing their goods and services or
getting feedback listening to them and responding to their comments is
importance.  (Wal-Mart
Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic Analysis Review , 2017)


Wal-Mart is facing criticism from left and right in regards how the employees
have been treated also the benefits they receive from the company. From various
controversies deviating from the federal and state minimum wage was one of
them. Exploiting employers hasn’t done any good to the company but hurt the
company’s brand down.  (Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic Analysis Review , 2017)


enable us to communicate, to buy and sell products with less effort. Platforms
allow businesses to run efficiently and smoothly. New technologies enabled
Wal-Mart to build user-friendly platforms that would allow consumers buy goods
without leaving their house.

Being able to design
user-friendly interface allowed the company to gain profit. Through e-commerce,
the company is able to reach far more consumers that ever which led to the
growth and profit for the shareholders. (Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic
Analysis Review , 2017)

provides the wide range of items, as mentioned above they’re able to provide
consumers wants and needs. The company is originated in the US but with the
rapid growth its ability to reach even third world counties like Nicaragua.

Based on Oxford press, “Wal-Mart invested $7,922 million including $2,171
Million in reach through new stores.” This depicts the strength of this
corporation, also, they’re capable of much more in the community and around the
globe. (Michelson, 2013)


has been facing competition from its competitors such as Costco and Sam’s Club.

All three-retail store have their intended purpose when it comes to serving,
providing and helping their customers. Based on Southern Economic Journal is
written by Charles Courtemanche and Carden; Costco’s and Wal-Marts marketing
plans tend to focus on small business customers while Costco offers low prices
on high-end goods aimed at upper-middle-class families (Carden, Art, and
Charles Courtemanche. “Competing with Costco and Sam’s Club). Having
different retail stores that target certain group from the society exerts
pressure on Walmart in developing different market strategy.

the rapid growth of Wal-Mart is causing closer to other competitor stores. Its
basically driving rivals out of business in some part of US. By growing their
retails stores they’re creating consumers to shop at their store simply because
other stores are our of the market due to the competition from Wal-Mart. This
could look good for Wal-Mart but when it comes to the community they would lose
hope in Wal-Mart because Wal-Mart is simply kicking out retail store they had
for years. This change might have a negative effect on the society by driving
their culture out of business. However, in some areas, concerned citizens are
attempting to conserve their communities by keeping their old local stores.

That basically means Wal-Mart has the potential to disrupt the culture of the
community. (Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Financial and Strategic
Analysis Review , 2017)


all, Wal-Mat continues to be the leading retails in the US and around the world
providing goods for less. Wal-Mart continues to affect the lives of those with
less income in the society. Even though this major retail company is facing
criticism in regards to how they treat their employees and forcing out older
stores are a major concern for our citizens. Besides those concerns, Wal-Mart
continues to lead the retail market by listening to their customers and responding
to their needs. Most importantly their focus on creating a user-friendly
platform is even helping them beyond the growth and profit they are expecting.

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