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Building quality by use of computers

The rapid rise in the use of electronics and mostly personal computers started during the early 1970s.

This was when leading personalities like Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison and Steve Ball made significant contributions in the revolution of computers. However, the history of personal computers cannot be complete without analyzing rising standards that have been displayed for sometime now. The Film Triumph of the Nerds: the Rise of Accidental Empires has episodes one to three showing different levels of revolutions in developing personal computers. For example, it started with developing 86-DOS which was by far and large, a duplication of operating systems. To begin with, the development of Microsoft was aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of computing knowledge. On the same note, the innovation and development of the Apple computers by Steve Jobs was aimed at initiating some programs in personal computers that would solve common and recurrent software and hardware problems. Therefore, the major focus in the contemporary global management is on improving the quality of computers being used on a daily basis. If quality is compromised, other sectors would equally suffer.

For example, personal computers are very useful in organizations, whereby it makes it a lot easier to store, analyze, retrieve as well as retrieve data in a more simplified way than before. The film Triumph of Nerds attempts to demonstrate systematic means of improving the use of personal computers. For example, the first episode shows how Microsoft was transformed into the use of MS-DOS technology. The latter was an operating system capable of running on any of the 8086 family of personal computers. Episode two also highlights the mergence of Compaq computers which later reversed into IBM Personal Computer. Episode three highlights the emergence of Steve Jobs who came up with demonstrations of Alto graphical user interface and the development of Macintosh. In all of these developments in experienced in personal computers, the need to improve from one system to another alongside proper management of the merging technology were apparently the major focus. However, as these personal computers are improving in terms of quality; there are also myriad of technological challenges that have emerged.

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For example, improved management on the quality of these personal computers goes hand in hand with increasing demand for high efficiency as well as transparency. As far as transparency is concerned, all management issues of a company can be addressed by authorized agencies. For example, government agencies responsible in a particular area of management may be interested in monitoring all activities happens in the company. For this therefore, this improvement of quality as computers are invented is a cause for alarm in the management of technologies.

However, computer efficiency and quality of their management can never be compromised.

On supporting innovation

Computing personalities like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are clear that their forms of innovation are meant to improve livelihood of people. In the film, the two computer geniuses are portrayed as individuals who are keen on supporting innovation. In the film, Bill Gates notes that he was keen on seeing people appreciate the working of his improvements on Microsoft, and especially Windows 95. According to him, this was supposed to introduce fast computing in addition to creating live fun for users. The latter was the grand idea behind these two innovators in the field of computer knowledge. It is often recommendable to seek means of improving innovation in any area of operation.

For example, in the present world, in the event whereby there is inadequate innovation, the production capacity will be kept at lower levels or worse still, maintained at constant levels with limited improvements. Since the competitive marketing world is improving at a very fast rate, innovations are also supposed to be at pace with this kind of competition. The computer information geniuses of the likes of Steve Jobs and Bob Taylor were keen on seeing that every day means making new dimensions of personal computers. The idea was to have the world be a better place by making technology that would change the status quo. There are various means of supporting technology and innovations. The best way to do this is to make sure that the innovations are put to test so as to ascertain their use in the world. For example, when the likes of Steve Jobs came up with personal computers, the issue was to have information at finger tips.

Users could have small computers that would make it easy to record their information with ease as well as retrieving whenever needed. There are some complex systems that have been used in supporting innovations. For example, systems developments such as Ambient Intelligent systems have been used as the methods to test the innovations. Individual people can also support the innovations by making sure that they put these technologies into use whenever they are invented. Supportive technology goes hand in hand with management.

Management of technology especially personal computers implies managing knowledge. This is a kind of extended enterprise environments, and is very critical in improving the world. However, achieving this requires effective utilization of the already available resources. Any improvement in technology has to be used as soon as it is invented. This is to make sure that use of improved forms attains desired value.

For example, when Windows ME was introduced, or when the likes of Steve Jobs came up with Apple technologies, it was critical to have understood their predecessors for enhancing their value.

Management of business by use of technology

The major focus in use of technology is to improve management of businesses. Companies in the present world compete on the basis of use of technologies. For example, companies which adopt new innovations of technology are considered to be at better positions to win competition in the world. Specifically, most of operations in the organizations and mostly information operations are done through use of computers. As demonstrated in the film, the innovators of personal computers of calibers of Steve Jobs, Tim Paterson and Bill Gates were business minded before coming up with these innovations. For example, Bill gates sought to sell as many software as possible in coming up with new forms of Windows like Windows 95.

Notably, Steve Jobs was constantly improving his technology for the purposes of getting a better competitive niche in the market. This business mind can also be translated into the business world, and mostly in companies. Organizations in the world are constantly improving their technologies for the purposes of being in better positions to compete with rivals.

The more the innovators are improving their technologies, the more managers in the companies are changing their technologies in their working places. Innovation of information technologies is argued as the best form of innovation. That is why the likes of Steve Jobs are quick to come up with new forms of personal computers.

A business mind is necessary for development of the world economy. This business mind must be supported by technology. Therefore, it is crucial to have these innovations and their management done with efficiency for purposes of supporting business development. If technology was to be improved without putting a focus on these emerging issues, it would be of no use. However, with an enterprising mind, these innovations would be put to use and probably add value in management of companies. Microsoft as indicated in episode two of the film Triumph of Nerds had seen the potentials of improving management of businesses in the world. For example, innovating Windows 3.

0 was crucial in putting management of businesses in good line of successes. Steve Jobs had the same mind of giving people an easy way of monitoring their business successes. This discussion also puts this as a critical and major focus which should be put into mind in coming up with any form of technological/computer innovation. Finally, it is imperative to note that management of technology and its spill-over effects should be an on-going process especially at the level of an organization. While we may not have mentioned all the potential and negative impacts of technology, it is prudent to reiterate that the 21st century world has rapidly advanced both in terms of advances in technology as well as its impacts. A case example would be the common cybercrimes that are prevalent in our society today.

Needless to say, such emerging issues indeed call for long term measures to bring into control.

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