Management to manage crops , irrigation and need

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                                                                 Management of food security under climate change in India

Hasan Khan 


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ABSTRACT: As you know day by day things are
getting bad to burst in case of climate change. We are hardly in position to
transfer the same climate to next generation and effect of climate change not
only hurt the global environment but also food productivity. These are major
challenges before entire humanity. And usually people are looking toward
agriculture scientist for food sufficiency and others for climate deformation
but these are sides of same coin. So we have to fight collectively in one front
to save climate other   front increasing food productivity. Whole
world is looking toward India for solution because India had rich biodiversity
and large populalation and large land area under cultivation. The likely
predicted   scenario of climate change   on agriculture, location-specific case
studies depicting climate change impacts   such as drought, cold and heat waves and
required adaptation. Acid rain bad smoke around the mega cities is quite
evident. Need to check timely not by latest technology but by organic way which
ecofriendly is and sustainable when issues are related to human health so there
is need to handle the issue very carefully. In present time a lot of heath issues
are manage with the help of management techniques like Deities management,
blood pressure management and management of time so everything can be manage
with suitable management techniques so why not food .For managing food we need
to manage crops , irrigation and need base seeds and fertilizar

words: Ecofriendly, organic, Food productivity, scenario, Technology




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