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Malaysia is a country that rich with many culture. Malaysia was established as a united country in 1963. The mix of ethnic has thus created a unified cuisine in Malaysia, but it still retains the unique qualities of traditional cooking methods. The most population in Malaysia is mainly Malay, Chinese and Indians while the Borneo is a sub origins that made out the most of west Malaysian population. Malaysia is known for many things. The most popular ones in Malaysia is a food. It has a very diverse population that consisting of many different ethnic groups. Malaysian food, is very much reflective of the diversity of the people that staying here. Malaysia is located at the Southeast Asia and also between Thailand and Singapore while West Malaysia is next to the Sulawesi and Philippines. Malay cuisine is the cooking tradition of ethnic Malays of Malaysia. There are so many to choose from, whether traditional or modern cuisines, deem to satisfy the choosiest tastes buds. Malaysian food is mixed with other cultures from around the world. The food is mainly influenced by Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian cuisine. These influences manifest themselves in a variety of ways from the cooking techniques and tools used to the exotic flavour and spices used in dishes. As a country that brings together many different cultures, the food is very variaty. The taste of Malaysian food are unique that have combination of sweet, sour, rich and spicy. This combination is not like any other country’s cuisine in the world.  Different Malay regions are all known for their unique or signature dishes. For example Terengganu and Kelantan for their Nasi dagang, Nasi kerabu and Keropok lekor. Negeri Sembilan for its lemak-based dishes. Pahang and Perak for their gulai tempoyak. Kedah for its northern-style Asam laksa and Malacca for its spicy Asam Pedas. Because most of Malay people are Muslims, so Malay cuisine follows Islamic halal dietary law regulation. From beef, water buffalo, goat, and lamb meat, poultry and fishes this protein can be gain. Pork and any non-halal meats and also alcohol is prohibited and absent from Malay daily diet. Nasi lemak is a rice that cooked with coconut milk is the most popular dish in Malay town and villages. Nasi lemak is like a Malaysia’s national dish and very popular in Malaysia. Other example for a famous dish in Malaysia is Ketupat or nasi himpit. This dish become a famous especially during Idul Fitri or Hari Raya. The various of meats and vegetables also could be made Gulai or Kari. A type of curry dish with variations of mixt spices that clearly show that Indian influence already adopted since a long ago. Laksa also a famous dish in Malaysia. Malay cuisine also accept some their neighbour cuisine traditions like rendang that come from Minangkabau  and also satay from Java. However Malay people has developed this recipe with their own uniqueness taste so the taste will be different from others.  Every Malay meal is served with rice, which is also the staple food for many other Asian cultures in the world. Due to its sunny weather all year, fruits and vegetables are so many while meat, poultry and seafood in affordable price and easy to find. Malaysian food, have a variety dish that can divide into Malay, Chinese and Indian. They prepared their food by their own unique ways and recipe. Although there are various type of dishes in a Malay meal, all of food are served at once, not in courses and food is eaten with right hand and Malays not always use a utensils. This shows the uniqueness of Malay ethnic.

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