MAKOPA Makopa is native to Malay archipelago

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MAKOPA (SYZYGIUM SAMARANGENSE) AS A RAW MATERIAL FOR GELATIN                                         


Syzygium is
a genus under the family of Myrtaceae which extends from Africa through
Southeast Asia and Pacific (Tuiwawa et al. 2013). Worldwide, this genus have
approximately 1200-1800 species (Chen and Craven 2015; Berhaman et al. 2016).
It is commercially planted and has been treated as one of the international
trading commodity which is shipped to the countries of China, Hong Kong,
Singapore, Canada and other foreign markets (Merr and LM Perry 2016).

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As the
Syzygium is being planted from the different parts of the world, it is known
for its characteristic of having a wax-like covering. In the Philippines, the
present specie under the genus of Syzygium is the Syzygium samarangense also
known as makopa. S. samarangense is a glossy pink and pear-shaped fruit
which have fleshy lobes at the bottom (Tuiwawa et al. 2013).

Makopa (Syzygium samarangense) has light fibers and it has one to two
seeds inside. The color varies from light green to pink and red to dark maroon
coloration( Makopa is native to Malay archipelago  and it is believed to have been introduced to
the Philippines in prehistoric times (Fernandez, 2009). Makopa  which is commonly mistaken as the Malay
apple, is an irregular shaped fruit with an open and widespreading crown  which bears 
during dry season specifically during May to September.

Pectin  is usually found in hard fruits like berries,
apples and sometimes, in citrus. Pectin has soluble solid content above 60% ,
pH value between 2.8 to 3.8, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions bind
pectin together. Moreover, gelatin capsules are made up of backbones and
collgen of animal which is lateron becomes gelatin which is the main component
for the producion of gelatin capsules.

Aside from gelatin
capsules, there is an alternative capsule for vegetarians with a strict diet,
not consuming any meat and parts of it. The vegetarian capsule is a clear
capsule made out of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) which does not contain
any preservatives, sugar, corn, wheat, dairy or soy. Also, they dissolve fast
and easy to digest.( Pectin can also be an alternative HPMC
for the creation of a capsule without animal contents. Due to the plasticity of
pectin which is found in peels of fruits, it can be used as an alternative
gelatin because they are able to thicken and 
and be elastic.

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