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Luke Dunn – R106

Cristal as a
company are currently using the bulk head lamp around there factory. They are
currently in the process of changing them to LEDS. They have approached us a
company to ask me to Analysis what the best light that can be used around there
factory. We have researched many different types of lamps that they can use.
Glass Dome Manufacturing Process

Metal is
made from a lot of different types of materials like pig iron. It all gets put
into a bit blast furnace and melted down to it turns to liquid. Then you take
the Malton metal and poor it into a sand mould. You allow it too cool to room
temperature then you break open the mould and take the part out.

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The mould of
the lamp will have been mad out of sand and that’s how it is formed into the
shape. The metal has to be treated if not it will rust when it is outside in
the weather. For the lamp to be sustainable and to do it job right. You can
treat metal in very different ways to protect it. An example is powder coating.
You head the part up then you spray on pint powder onto the part then it goes
into the oven to bake and it sets rock hard. Metal is a very good martial
because you can make everything out of it and it is a good conductor so you can
maker adaptor out of heat because the heat will conduct out of it into the


The bulb holder inside of the lamp is
made out of ceramic. Ceramic is a good martial for the job because the bulb
gets hot and the ceramic keeps the heat in and doesn’t let the heat spared
round the lamp. Ceramic is a material that can withstand heat. An example of
this is a kitchen work tops so you can put your pan on the top and it want burn
the ceramic because it can withstand a lot of heat. Ceramic is like clay it
comes out of the ground. So it has to be mind and procced into ceramic so that
people can use it as products. Ceramic is a bad conductor so it doesn’t conduct
the heat that the bulb crates.




Zinc alloy

The outer ring of the light is made
from zinc alloy. This is because the properties of zinc are perfect for the job
of the outer ring. Zinc alloy is a very high strength and hard martial. Is a
low cost raw material this is good because when the product goes under mass
production they will have a good martial arability? Zinc alloy has have a high
quality finish. The material so when the manufacture uses the material they
will make a profit because the material was cheap to buy in the first place.



The seal on the lamp is made out of
rubber. This is because metal and glass don’t flex so the rubber seal between
both stops water and dust from going inside of the lamp. If the dust and water
gets into the lamp it can’t do is job by being an emergency lamp. Is job is to
keep people safe when they are leaving the plant. Rubber is made from latex
which can be found in plants. Then other products are added to the rubber to
make it more sustainable to the job. Rubber shouldn’t be burnt because it burns
toxic smoke.

End of life considerations

The disposal
of the lamp is the hard part for the user. To disposal of the lamp correctly
the user will have to disassemble the lamp first.

The glass dome on top of the lamp
can be recycled and melted down and reused again in another product. This
doesn’t have a big effect on the environment only the pollution from the steel
plant where the lamp will be recycled into a new product. The glass is quite
thick and is specially designed to spread the light from the lamp. The user
will know how to recycle the lamp because they can read the user manual.

The rubber seal that seals the lamp
from the dust and water when is in a working environment. This rubber seal
can’t be reused because it can’t be melted down and reused. This can’t be done
because when rubber is burnt it lets off a very toxic black smoke that pollutes
the environment very badly. So when the user recycles the product the rubber
part can’t be reused in another product. This has a negative effect on the
manufacture because that all the parts are not recyclable. This is why we as
students have been approached by Cristal to find what the best solution is for
them. Rubber is not being recycled so is down cycled

The metal casing of the lamp is very recyclable. So is very
important that the user disposal of the lamp correctly. The metal casing can
all be melted down and reshaped. This makes the lamp very eco-friendly when it
can be melted and reused again and again. If the user can disassembly the light
easily then they are more likely to recycle the product. As designers there
more focus is to make the product as recyclable as possible.

The ceramic bulb holder in the lamp
housing is a very good material to use because ceramic is very resistance to
heat. So when the bulb gets hot the bulb holder can withstand the heat. But ceramic
is very hard to recycle because is so resistance to heat.



emergency led lighting – this is an emergency light which has high ip rating so
it has good resistance to water and dust. It has an ip rating of ip65 so is
higher resistance to water. This light has a 3 hours of battery light when
there isn’t any power going to the light. It has high quality led lights so it
will light the area bright but at the same time not using much power because is
using led bulbs instead of standards bulbs.

Lamp 4
emergency lighting –

This light
has an ip rating of IP20 so it is dust free but not water resistance. The light
will withstand lots dust. But isn’t resistance to water. This light has led
bulbs so they will have a long life time and are very bright. This light
wouldn’t be good for Cristal because is not water resistance so when is out on
plant water can get into the unit and brake the light and if the light dint
work when it needs to the light wouldn’t have done is job. If the light fails it
could put human’s life at risk so is important it has pass the British


Neptune led – 

This is a
light with a high ip rating. This means it can stand being in wet and dusty
environment. This would be a good lamp for Cristal because it can go in there
environment. It is made from polycarbonate so is very hard and tough. This is
good when is in a working factory. The light runs on very low watts so it
doesn’t use much electric at all. This is better for the user because it won’t
cost them as much to run which will make the user to make profit because they
are not spending loads of money on electric. This lamp is perfect for a
bathroom but wouldn’t be very good to have in a factory like Cristal because
there is acids spring about so the lamp will be damaged straight away.

Pictures of the
disassembly of the lamp




We took the lamp apart that Cristal
is currently using to see how good it is and what improvements can be done.
When doing the disassembly I followed manufacture manual to disassembly the
lamp safely. I was wearing all the correct PPE an example of this I was wearing
my safety goggles. By doing so I was safe and I fully dissembled the lamp
safely and quickly.

1.     we unscrewed two screw which hold the
round plate on

2.     Then we took the round ring off and
then the glass dome comes off.

3.     Then I unscrew the bulb holder and
then that can come out of the lamp casing

4.     The reflector will then come off with
the bulb holder

5.     Then you will have the full lamp
disassembled in front of you but you need to make sure that you keep all the
screws together.

We did this
and we then could see how it was made and what could be improved on the lamp.
By doing this we know that the lamp is perfect for crustal. But the ip rating
isn’t that good so it could fail and put people lives at risk. So is important
that the ip rating is good enough for the job.






Nuts and bolts

The lamp
uses standard nuts and bolts because so the manufacture of the lamp doesn’t
have to manufacture their own nuts and bolts. They don’t weld the lamp together
because when the user comes to recycle the light they need to disassemble the
light and if they can’t take it apart then the user can recycle the product as
much as the user can. And it makes the maintince of the light cheaper. But if
the user can maintain the light it means they won’t have to buy another light
so the user loses out on money. So they don’t make the light last forever so
the user has to buy another one.


Ip rating – ip rating is a code international
protection marking which indicates a standard of protection against product. If
the light has a rating ip44 it is wet resistance and dust free. The lower the
number the less water resistance the light is to water. As the light in Cristal
will be in an environment with water and dust so I needs to have a good ip
rating so it doesn’t get water inside the light unit. The higher the second
number the more water resistance the light is.

CE- the CE symbol tells the user that the product has
gone under testing to see if it passes the safety standards to allow the
manufacture to sell the product in the EU. The user know that’s the product is
safe to use and when the user is using the product they are going to be safe if
they follow what the user manuals says to do.

British standards law – any products that are sold in the
UK go under very deep testing. They test the products more and more in depth
then the CE does. This is to try and keep the user as safe as possible.


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