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is directed from person to person or from person to things, but in the Bible
there is another aspect of interpersonal love which is very important in the
Bible. God’s love is different for everyone, but the law of divine love is the
standard for all human actions.

reading of “The law of divine love is the standard for all human actions” St.
Thomas Aquinas says that, “This law of divine love accomplishes in a person
four things that are much to be desired about the charity. First, it is the cause
of one’s spiritual life. “He is trying to say that person can learn four different
thing by the law of diving love. One thing is anyone can learn is the meaning
of the living spiritual life. Second thing about the charity is that it leads
to the observance of the divine commandments. The charity would be present if
the person is occupied about the great things, and if that person is not
occupied the charity would not be present. The third point of the charity is
that it provides protection against adversity. The last thing about the charity
is that it truly leads to happiness in the person. Since eternal blessedness is
promised only to those who have charity. All other things are insufficient
without the charity. There is only the different degrees of charity, and not
any other virtues, which constitute the different degrees of blessedness.

Thomas Aquinas says that the law should be standard for all human actions. He
gives example of the product and comparing that to the divine love. He says
that when human manufacture a product with the conformed standard it is
considered right and good, so also each human act is considered right and
virtuous when it conforms to the standard of divine love.

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first book of the Confessions is devoted primarily to an analysis of
Augustine’s life as a childhood to the adulthood.  The main question raised from his book is how
we can find god without having knowing who he is. Later in the book he comes up
with answer that we can find god just by having faith in him. Later it turns
out that God seems both to transcend everything and to be within everything.
God cannot be contained by what he created, so he can’t come to Augustine in
any literal sense.  But at the same time
the god is the necessary condition for the existence of anything. So he is
within the Augustine. So I think in this first book of the confessions
Augustine explain how we can find God, and he explains us that we can find god
just by having faith in him and believing in him. He says that “if we seek God
at all, he will reveal himself to us.”

was written by the Apostle Paul; who is known as the most important figure in
Christianity. He is also known as one of the people responsible for spreading
Christianity. In the Ephesians 5.21 to 33 it explains the role of a husband and
wife in the Christian household life. The husband and wife must be able to fit
the status of the people to the God. The role of the wife are easy to
understand, but they are not popular in our society today.

duty of the wives takes place in verses 22 to 24. In this passages they are
comparing husbands to the Christ. They are saying that wives should treat
husband as they treat to the lord, and the husband is the head of the wife, as
Christ is the head of the church. It means that man is in charge and as a wife
we must obey and listen to the man. So the wife should follow all the rules of
the house or they should do whatever their husband wants them to do, because
the husband are the head of the household. The husband is not controlling wife,
but they have to make final ruling on any issues that they face in their life.

role of the husband is shown in verse 25 to 33. In these verse it states that
the husband should be the head of the household and love his wife. The husband
pays the leadership role in the family, and he is also known as the
authoritative person in the relationship. Paul stresses out that everything is
not his authority over his wife, but that is how he show the love for her. Overall
the husband and wife must behave as a Christian family and fight against evil.

a human act does not conform to the standard of love, then it is not right, nor
good and nor perfect. 

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