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Lost your flight details? Don’t panic! In most cases, we can find all the information we need on your flight if you provide us with just three pieces of info:• What airline you were flying with• The date of your flight• Where you were flying from and to What if you don’t have access to, or can’t remember the above information? Well, all is not lost. There are still a number of different ways that you can try to find it. Check your emailsWhen you booked your flight, you should have received and email containing your flight information. This will have all ofthe info that we require in it, as well as your booking reference, so it’s very helpful indeed if you can find this for us!Look at your passportIf you can’t remember the date of travel, then your passport should have the answer- it will often have been stamped upon arrival, especially if you were travelling outside Europe.Ask your travel agentIf you booked your flights through a travel agent, then they will have all the necessary information on record- and if you ask, they should be happy to provide it to you.Leftover luggage tagsLots of people forget to remove the luggage tags from their suitcases when they get back from holiday- and in this case, that can be incredibly useful. Not only will the tags have the flight date on them, but they’ll also contain the flight number, making it easy for us to look up all the info we need.Bank StatementsWhen you get to the airport, a lot of airlines use your booking reference as a payment reference- meaning it should show up on your bank statement. If you use online banking, then you’ll be able to easily access up to six years of transactions- so it’s worth taking a look.FacebookNowadays, pretty much everyone uses social media, and many of us like to upload photos letting friends and family know we’re jetting off somewhere. If you posted to Facebook, then scroll back through your timeline, and hey presto- you’ll have the flight date! Remember, if your flight was delayed by at least 3 hours, and the airline was to blame, then you’ll likely be due compensation- so it’s well worth your while digging around for this information!If you have tried all our suggested methods and still can’t find all the info you need, then you are still welcome to submit your claim form with as much as you have. A member of our team will then get in touch if there’s anything more we need from you.

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