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Look at best Philippines TV dramas and shows on Pinoy Channel. You can also watch Pinoy Movies on Official website of Pinoy Tambayan. Pinoy Channel contributing
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Network: GMA/ABS-CBN
Category: Entertainment/Drama/Family Show
Format:HD (720-1080)
Broadcast: Philippines
– Online (Worldwide)
Genre:  Musical,
Variety Show, Drama,


The Good Son January 12 2018
HD  Episode has been Released in High
Quality Video. The Good Son January 12 2018  Full Episode  Dailymotion. The
Good Son January 12 2018 HD Full Episode.  ABS CBN, GMA 30
Network, Pinoy Tambayan, Pinoy Channel Tv only .

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Philippines dramas have their own
diversity and flavors for viewers which reflect their social values as well as
the entertainment for all. There are lot of fun, love, laughter, climax,
tragedy, ideas, lessons and fantasy in Philippines television industry.
Following are the list of top five pinoy drama series which are very famous and
entertaining now a day. 

Be Careful
With My Heart


“Be Careful with My Heart” is the
best example of representation of our social values in the society. Whatever
the circumstances are whatever the situation is in the life the theme of Drama
gives us a lesson to live like a lion. All the characters acted tremendously
excellent. This was first TV drama which is without violence having good story.

Good Son January 12 2018 HD Full Episode

Mara Clara


This was another good drama serial
but at the end it was suspicious to find about two girls. I hope to see the
fate in next part. This is perfect series for teen agers Actresses’ performance
was miraculous on which mara clara, Kathryn and julia are really performed
good. In all over the rival network this series got high ratings and fame and
proves that MEEA CLARA is the best series.


I have found the best series ever
for the youth, the theme of a love story full of infatuation and foolish
passion representation with good values to educate the youth. This drama is
very famous & cope the entertainment of the audience of age group 20 to 35.


This is one of the best hit story
dramas. The Tayong Dalawa is a story for those who like suspense.  I
recommend not watching this drama to those who are suffering anxiety or


Nice Story, this drama is based on
History and all the characters of this drama performed well and fulfill the
need of character therefore the rating of IKAW LAMANG drama is excellent.

 One of the best ways to
represent the history, religion, art, culture. The social values of any
country/region is their effective drama and film industry.The TV drama of the
Philippines, which is also known as the television serials, Filipino telenovela
or drama, is a type of serialized fiction on television in the Philippines.
Taylor is connected with two words: “Tele”, which means
“Television” & “Series”, and “Drama” for

Televisions have few functions and
have same grounds with classic soap opal and telenovela, but television has
evolved in the genre with its unique features, often dazzling the actually of
the social values of the Philippines. Work on TV is already on time, sometimes
in the noon, except weekend. They are interesting for an older age audience age
group and gender and they have achieved the highest advertising rates in the
television industry of the Philippines. The series depends on its familiarity
for three months or even more than three months.

Other types of Filipino drama added
“series” and “anthology,” which are generally shown weekly.
The aim and goal of these dramas is to achieve the high rating based on season.
it is observed that a healthy competition leads to excellent quality of Drama
production which ultimately boost the television industry.


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