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Logan kammerer#812/21/17Argumentative Writing As all the kids get cell phones they are becoming a distraction and this could spell disaster in schools. When all the kids are on their phones and not listening to the teacher then they get in trouble and a bad grade. cell phones are bad for their health and their social life. Schools should not allow cell phones in schools for the reasons of cheating , cyberbullying , and sexting other people in class and a big distraction in class. Students are becoming distracted on their phone. Cell phones are becoming incredible distraction, and makes it much more difficult to teach, It’s pretty hard to compete with a very funny YouTube video. one teacher says. Some kid could starting to talk like  ¨’I’ll look something up for English, and while I’m here let me quickly check my Instagram or Twitter feed.’ And then it’s, ‘Oh, I never realized this girl said that to me,’ and now they’re distracted and not really engaged with their lesson plan,” said Joni Siani, a Braintree psychologist ext reason is Cyberbullying is becoming more and more common as more people get phones. parents and educators say that lifting the cellphone ban could foster cyberbullying and sexting during school hoursparents and educators say that lifting the cellphone ban could foster cyberbullying and sexting during school hours.Last reason is Cheating can be a big deal for the students and teachers. A potential tool for cheating parents and teachers say, Cell phones grow in schools which then they are cheating on test sometimes and this could mean an improper grade that was give to the teacher and the teacher think it correct but the students have cheated. Some people say that Cell phones are not a distraction because they are being used as a learning tool people think that is because there becoming a more of learning tool  which then cell phones can be in classroom  Some people think this is because it’s good in their schools. while this may be ture Students are still on the game. And they are a distraction in class. But it is more of a distraction in other schools too.

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