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Museums have a great role in preserving the cultural heritage of various ethnicities. Although they have successfully gained this goal, the pressing issue has remained in its capacity of educating visitors about natural heritage, history and culture, or a chosen subject in context.

Many archaeological historians have argued that Museums’ are the only organizations which have the competence of passing on cultural knowledge to the public. This is in fact true because they house several collections of materials and tools for achieving the objective.

In present society, the museums complement educational shrewdness by revealing to the society their histories satisfactorily (Aguirre and Turner 2010). They do the task of granting a medium in which future generations can understand and recognize their cultural history and take delight in succeeding their past and present.

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In understanding how museums shape various societies across the world, this paper explores three museums dedicated to three communities. These communities are the Asian Pacific Americans, the Nordic and the African-Americans.

The paper singles out museums in their respective domains and explores their contributions towards their cultural heritage. In exploring the communities at a deeper level, the writer utilizes the fieldwork and library research to understand the community’s culture through museum exhibitions.

The writer explores how the museum has shaped and redesigned the tourism industry. They provide visitors with a new dimension in tourism where ethnography is much emphasized. Ethnography gives a visitor more flexibility by allowing him or her discover about his or her culture compared to other cultures.

The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience

The Wing Luke Museum is located in Seattle. Its location is unique because of the closeness to the hotel where the many first immigrants from the Asian continent fixed their home, had a meal and found solace. It is a museum of its own kind devoted to the Asian Pacific ethnicities in the United States. The museums have a vast collection of Asian culture which helps to showcase their story of struggle, compassion, conflict, success and survival on their long journey to America.

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