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The type of materials that was once used in construction of structures that people used to live in among the Maori people was the things that they would find readily available in the swamps as well as the forests. They would gather up all their building materials after sifting through what they needed.

This mainly consisted of grass, reeds bark from trees as well as wood. The first people to get there from foreign lands were taught how to put up their structures using various natural materials. The use of other types of building materials such as bricks was not been embraced.

The forest cover was quite extensive and this ensured that the supply of wood and bark as well as other materials used in construction was inexhaustible. The structures that the people put up were made of wood on the inside as well as the outside. The inner sides of the walls were made of large pieces of wood which was mostly covered in a textile that was woven. This material was called scrim.

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The outermost layer was wallpaper. The roofs of their shelters which were formed from wooden material were draughty and when it rained, the effects were felt on the inside with the rain dripping into the shelters. Pegs that were made from wood were used to hold the joints fast together. It is good to try and maintain the conventional lifestyle that was once the main style of living. One of the styles that one ought to try and consider is living in a Samoan Fale.

The types of structures are very simple to come up with since everything is straight forward. The materials do not require a lot of work to acquire the right ones. Getting the wood is almost the easiest part of it. The good thing about this types of structures is that they are open and do not entail a lot of details. The structure consists of an open room that is very easily accessible. There are also no windows to the structure which is one feature that makes it quite unique.

The whole idea behind the construction of these structures is to have an open but enclosed area. It gives one plenty of space to move around. The space is suitable for people who may be claustr4phobic. It is also suitable for the people who like to have a lot of freedom. The structure enables one to move around without any obstruction of sorts that may normally interrupt people’s movement.

The floors are simple and do not entail the complex materials that are used to construct the more contemporary houses. In general, it can be argued that apart from missing the luxuries that contemporary homes offer one, a Samoan Fale offers a sense of freedom that can only be found there. An individual can relax and take time off to reflect on issue that may be affecting their lives while resting in a Fale.

This is unlike a modern home which gives one the feeling of being enclosed within the confines of walls which may act as a lock out mechanism. The feeling of locking out the world from ones self is normally associated with depression. The Samoan Fale can help one avoid depression by getting them to feel like they are part and parcel of the society.

One important aspect of the Samoan Fale is that it helps simplify the construction and is environment friendly. There is little damage that is done to the environment compared to the other types of houses which entail a lot of work that may eventually play a major role in affecting the environment. By playing a role in conserving the nature, one will leave their mark in the world when they are no longer here.

By Living in a Samoan Fale, one can experience many things that they would have not been able to go through before. The feeling of being attache d to nature is one of the positive feelings that the structure will offer one. Most people suffer from the stress that is associated with everyday goings on. This may include work and domestic related stress. Living in a Samoan Fale may give one a route with which they can escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

It may be considered the equivalent of camping out in the wild although it is not exactly out there in the wild. An individual may learn to appreciate the true aspects of nature when they live in a Samoan Fale. Appreciating the beauty of the structure among other things is only the first step in achieving self satisfaction which is very important for people.

Structures that have been designed with the Samoan Fale in mind are very beautiful and can attract a lot of attention. They are unique and have a blend of modern styles and contemporary art. They appeal to all people who see them and they are also easy to construct. The benefits of living in a Samoan Fale are countless. It is a good inspirational tool and will motivate anyone who lives in it to try and do something different.

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