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On the topic of literacy I was stumped as too how to start this essay. I sat in front of my computer and stared blankly into the screen as I thought what would be a good point that I could run off with. Then as I was trying to begin the assignment I felt the sudden urge to go downstairs and smoke a cigarette thinking the nicotine would stimulate my creativity. When arriving downstairs at about quarter after twelve at night, I happened to run into the 2 male resident advisors John Paul and Pudge. They said to stay their cause they were waking everyone up for a mandatory meeting. After everyone came down for this mandatory meeting and things got situated our resident director began to discuss some of the issues bothering him. One of these issues was the use of candles in the rooms. Notice how I say use of candles. According to the rule book despite their admitted attractiveness, these items are forbidden to be used do to their high fire potential. So, our resident directors interpretation of the rule meant no candles and that plenty of people will be fined. The old interpretation of the rule was that they were allowed, just not if the wick on them were burnt, cause then they wouldnt be used. This got me to thinking. Here we have two different interpretations of these rules. I guess you could say this happened because of these two peoples different opinions. Your opinions are influenced by your literacy. So, with that in mind, I present to you my autobiography on my literacy.

Natural to talk about literacy you must discuss the subject of words. If talking about words, its always nice to know what a persons first words were. My first word was no.I said this while my mother was grocery shopping and she was going to pick out a can of green beans. I guess even then I had good taste.
From there we go to the many standardized tests I have had to partake in during my elementary and junior high school public school years. In the majority of these reading tests I scored a 99 percentile (my string was broken when I received a 97 my 7th grade year.) This brought me all sorts of opportunities. I was one of the few chosen in my school to take the test for Hunter High School. Hunter High School is a very prestigious school in the New York area, rated about as high as Styversant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. These schools also required tests. In order to get into these schools you had to score at least a 440 on the test they gave you. I scored somewhere around the 390s. Another test had to be taken for me to get into a private high school. I passed this test and I was off on my way to high school.

In my high school I was forced to read many books in which I had to interest in. Of course it wasnt a complete waste of time because I actually read two books that interested me. These books were Fahrenheit 451 and Walden. I became very fond of the latter. From here, this stifled my thinking. I think these two books are what got me started in the path of thinking I take now. I now look at things from more of a spectators view, but at the same time analyze every situation I undertake to be sure that I can adjust to all angles thrown at me.

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From high school led to college and from college led to this rhetoric class. As you can see, this is a brief history of my literacy. In order to fit all the details I would have to write a book and include every book and every tid-bit of information I had learned in that book. That would take extremely too long and after having a long night, I feel this is a more than adequate way of describing the history of my literacy.

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