ii. diving iv. Business travel, conferences, meetings,

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ii. Study of genealogy

iii. Search for the exotic Hawaii, Polynesia, Japan, Thailand, East Africa, India

iv. Satisfactions and sense of power and freedom anonymity, flying, control, sea travel, fast trains

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v. Gambling Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo, Bahamas, Puerto Rico

vi. Development of new friendships in foreign places

vii. Sharpening perspectives – awaken senses, heighten awareness

viii. Political campaigns, supporting candidates, government hearings

ix. Vacation or second homes and condominiums

2. Near Allocentric Motivations:

i. Religious pilgrimages or inspiration

ii. Participation in sports events and sports activities

iii. Travel as a challenge, sometimes a test of endurance such as exploring, mountain climbing, hiking, diving

iv. Business travel, conferences, meetings, conventions

v. Theater tours, special entertainment

vi. A chance to try a new life-style

3. Midcentirc Motivations:

i. Relaxation and pleasure – just plain fun and enjoyment

ii. Satisfying personal contacts with friends and relatives

iii. Health – change in climate, sunshine, spas, medical treatment

iv. The need for a change for a period of time.

v. An opportunity to escape from life’s problems

vi. The real or imagined glamour of the destination

vii. Appreciation of beauty national and state parks, forests, lakes, wilderness areas, canoe trips, ocean shores

viii. Sensual indulgence food, comforts, luxuries for the body, romance, sexual enjoyment, rest, relaxation

ix. Shopping souvenirs, gifts, expensive possessions like cameras, jewels, furs, cars, antiques, art

x. Joys of transportation cruise ships, gourmet meals, buffets, comfortable trains, buses, airplanes, autos

xi. Pleasure of pre- and post-travel planning the trip, anticipation, learning, dreaming; then showing pictures and describing the trip after completion

xii. Family or personal matters

4. Near-Psychocentric and Psychocentric Motivations:

i. Ego enhancement, quest for status

ii. Travel for acceptance, to be comfortable socially

iii. Travel as a cultural norm paid vacations required by law

iv. Visit to places seen or read about in the news

v. Visit to amusement parks

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