1. a copy of the novel ‘Ek

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1. Letter to a bookseller who has sent a defective copy ordered by you Dear Sirs, I ordered from you on the 10th Feb. 1997, a copy of the novel ‘Ek Anuttarit Prashna’ written by S. N. Saxena.

The novel was delivered to me and duly paid for on the 1st March, 1997. When I came to page 97 yesterday, I discovered that pages 98 to 120 both inclusive are missing. I presume that these pages have got unintentionally missed when the copy was being bound. I am returning the book with this letter. Please Grange to send me a complete copy in exchange.

2. Letter asking for an estimate of the cost of installing central air conditioning system in your office Dear Sirs, We should like to have an estimate of the cost of installing central air conditioning system in our office. The office consists of a reception room 24’xl5?, and three rooms, each of 16’xl4?. We hope, you will like to send your representative to survey the premises. Will you please let me know when I may expect him to call? If you want to know more details, please contact me on phone No……… Thanking you, Yours faithfully, 3. Letter to Director of Education for purchase of books under Operation Black Board on behalf of the Manager……………… M/s……… Dear Sir, As per your suggestion we had submitted select Hindi books suitable for children up to 5th & standard for purchase under the Operation Black Board Scheme. These books were sent under registered cover no….

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dated… These books must have reached you well in time and you might have looked into them. We would like to know your decision at the earliest. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, 4.

Letter ordering M/s. Raj Kumar 8L Sons Pvt. Ltd., Karol Bagh, Delhi to send the Hindi books as per enclosed list amounting to Rs.6000/-. Dear Sir, We enclose herewith a list of Hindi books amounting to Rs.6000/- (six thousand only). Please arrange to send the books at the earliest.

The payment will be made to you by cheques as soon as we receive the books. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, B.R. Dane 5. Letter to the Chief of Naval Staff, Naval Head Quarters, Naval Education, New Delhi, requesting him to arrange to make an early payment of your firm’s bill amounting to Rs.6000/- of Hindi books.

Dear Sir, We draw your kind attention to our bill no…. dated…… amounting to Rs.6000/- (Six thousand only) against your above mentioned order, payment for which has not been received by us so far. You will kindly appreciate that it is almost six months that payment in question is awaited. May we, therefore, request you to kindly look into the matter and arrange to make payment at the earliest.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services. Yours faithfully,

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