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is a journey, life is one of the process, over the mountains, or wading,
everything depends on my own. Walk in the terraced rice in life, do not have to
take too much of their own, light listening to the wind, will go easier. Some
will not necessarily get long; some may or may not have lost. The important
thing is: let the heart, learn to dance in the sun; let the soul, in the pain
to learn to smile. Life is like a dream, dream is like life. A lot of things,
when we see through, figured out, at any time happily, optimistic and
enterprising, every day to enjoy the responsibility to overcome the
difficulties of happiness. The world is the rule of iron: there is a loss must
have, there is a bitter there must be a joy, so in fact, sometimes the
difficulties need to be enjoyed. Indifferent to the heart, elegant and
comfortable life. Pursuit, there will be disappointment; alive, there will be
trouble. Do not see everything so heavy. What are the most afraid to care about
life, but what are not caught firmly. Lost landscapes, wandering people,
longings of not waiting, all live at the end of fate. Why is too persistent,
the nature of that will go cannot stay. Let go of meditation, revel is the best
life. When a man was born, he was a rustic stone, angular and full of vigor.

in the ruthless grinding of life, people are slowly grinding edges and corners,
become sleek and sophisticated. To do adhere to the cliffs in the cliffs,
bravely endured the sculptures, always keep their own edges and corners. Do not
do the stones in the river, enjoy the affectionate touch of the wave, and
finally into a bright pebble. Beauty is the vassal of wisdom, I say good to
myself, to live a very real life is a spiritual practice, repair is a heart,
the heart supple, everything is perfect, the heart is clean, the situation is
beautiful, heart happy, happy life. If I do not work hard and want to pull myself,
I probably cannot find my hand anywhere. Believe it will always be more
valuable than doubts! The most horrible thing in the world – is to take your
own time to witness the dream of others come true! The saddest thing – is that
they are not afraid to try to ridicule people running around for the dream! The
biggest failure of my life is not to fall, but never to realize the courage of my

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