“LIFE other than academics, I was involved

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“LIFE is not about finding yourself, LIFE is about creating
yourself” – I always believed in continuous development and skill enhancement.

Gujarati from Hyderabad, and born to a family with limited
means, I always aspired to be one of the best in areas I try. During school other
than academics, I was involved in various co-curricular Initiatives and as a
result the school bestowed me with the best outgoing Student- Balratna Award.

I am currently associated with Siemens Healthineers,
Bangalore as a design and development engineer for diagnostic imaging. I have
worked in teams and business units (CT, MR, AX, MI) comprising of product
managers, developers, key account manager, testers and myself. These experiences
have given me an unmatched exposure to leadership, teamwork, forging business
relationships and also in presenting results to the senior client teams. Working
in a healthcare firm has equipped me with knowledge of software development
life cycle and basics of technical business. I bring along a strong grip over
the rudiments of engineering, a potential to lead, a propensity for team work, fervour
for challenges and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I can. I pride myself in
being involved with one of the world’s leading company and my experiences have
been of great impact both to me and my organization. Student clubs at IIM-B
have touched upon a lot of areas however, I strongly feel that an addition of
Healthcare club to the eclectic list will help students learn the business of
healthcare and IT Healthcare and promote a community of students who are
interested in health care. I would be looking forward to initiate and contribute
to the cause considering my expertise in the field.

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I completed my Bachelors in Electronics and
Instrumentation Engineering at VIT University, Vellore where I was elected
twice as the Program Representative of my batch and a member of student council.
I led the International Society of Automation as the Secretary where Under my
tenure as the Secretary, ISA-VIT student section has got “Best Performance
Award for the year 2014-15” in District14, Asia Pacific region.  I quickly realized the need for an on-campus
club for telecommunications
enthusiasts to gain practical knowledge and laid the founding stone of the first
corporate club at VIT with five enthusiastic members. Over the next two years,
I partnered with Huawei officials to facilitate technical events, workshops and
guest lectures. I was the Coordinator of Publicity and Marketing committee in
Riviera Feb’15, National level Cultural and Sports Festival of VIT University. We
managed a budget of 2.3 crore and began with 9.9 km-long marathon to create
awareness on clean India campaign — Swachh Bharat. Pre Riviera was started with
a world record for skating continuously for 72 hours. Being a part of these
many clubs, I also ensured that I equally focus on my academics where I got a
CGPA of 9. This helped me improve my multitasking skills. In the final year, I
also mentored 10 of my juniors which helped me to polish my delegation and
mentoring skills.

Through “Gujarati Samaaj”, a regional community body,
I interact with students in semi-urban and rural Gujarat. I aim to make them
aware about the various educational and career opportunities available. I look
forward to join Vikasana at IIM-B.

Innovation and technology always amused me from my
school days. Internet was a luxury back then. When everyone in my class wanted
to be doctors and pilots I lived with a dream of meeting Larry Page himself one
day. My formative years of undergrad, conducting technical fests and ISA initiatives,
taught me the value of Innovation in everyday life.

My experience is manifested by fineness and a robust
expansion of responsibility and range of expertise. The skills I will gain from
a formal MBA program will complement my existing skills, allowing me to achieve
my long-term personal and professional goals. Post my graduation in the short
term the role of business consultant at companies such as Amazon and Google
closely aligns with the work that excites me. In order to accomplish my
short-term career goal, I need to gain deeper understanding of areas of
finance, marketing, strategy, operations and research. Responsibility for
managing and implementing marketing activities through research, planning and
implementation and knowledge about business development will help me achieve my
long term goal of working as a product manager for a technology major like
Apple or Sony. After a few years of this corporate experience, I intend to
advance to a business development director at the firm , in charge of an
expansion into a specific geographic location or a new business segment, and
leading business steps such as those taken by Jio to enter the mobile phone

My strong problem solving skills will enable me to
analyze any business case being discussed in class holistically and thus make
the most of my MBA experience. At Siemens, I have worked in cross cultural and
cross functional teams. This will enable me to drive my team towards excellence
in any given team project or task. As I pursue my MBA from IIM-B, my work
experience as a development engineer, my leadership stint as well as
involvement with fests and chapters in college will help me contribute to the Cultural
Committee and MaSh.

A PGP in Management from IIM-B, one of the premier
institutes in management equipped with proficient faculty with managerial
prowess and experience and prime infrastructure will give me the right exposure
to fulfil my dreams and ambitions. IIM-B, being a top institute in research and
education in the field of management coupled with the collaborative work with
top international B-schools like Harvard Business School, London Business
School through its Student Exchange Programs and overseas faculty guidance,
will provide me with a cross cultural exposure and a global perspective
facilitating fruitful exchange of ideas and cognitively diverse environment
necessary for being a successful professional. I remain confident that the
esteemed peer-group at IIM Bangalore will further bring out the best in me. I
now find it important to gain exposure to formal training in management in
order to gain higher cross-functional perspectives. Core courses in strategy,
marketing and finance along with case studies and simulations will help develop
a holistic understanding and will expose me to greater possibilities.

While the pedagogy for other B schools is either case based
or academic oriented, IIM-B is a unique mixture of both. This makes it an ideal
choice for people with lesser work experience like me to grasp MBA curriculum. The
flexible pedagogy and plethora of elective choices is ideal for a kinesthetic learner
like me. The close-knit relation between industry and education in the form of
Faculty-industry chairs would be a key asset to broaden my horizon across

I look forward to an education in this great Institute.

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