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 Life would be indescribable without technology as describe be Wisskirchen, (2017). Both manpower and through the use of technology help the economy to grow. Societies, companies and industries seeks for advance technology that would meet the needs and the demands of the community. Through the advance technology and inovation, the world become dependent to technology because of its efficiency and continues to create something that will meet the needs and demands of the people. As describe and based to the study  of Schneier and Bostelman (2015), mobile robots are program to move according to the codes inputed and to perform a specific task given. Mobile robots are widely use including factories. Some of the mobile robots used is the automated guide vehicle. The Automated Guide Vehicles or AGV are used to move materials around the manufacturing facility or in a warehouse. But there are also barriers that make robots delay some of their works. There are technical issues that cannot be avoided but it can be lessen through maintenance and proper handling of the robot. Nowadays most factories and industries have robots to help. Robots changed the way factories and industries work. Today robots become widely used tool for everything (Royakkers & van Est, 2015). Robots can be used at home, factories, hospital and even in military, but most robots are found in factories since it helps to increase the productivity rate of the work done. Also based on the study conducted by Mubin 2013, robots become a fundamental need in the society. Robots can not only be seen in an industrial factory but also it can be found in school and at home. They serve as helpers to the people to make a task done easily.  Most companies become competitive because of the help of the robots. According to the International Federation of Robotics or IFR (2017), there are benefits in using robots in industry. First, it helps in building job opportunities and jobs because of the increase in productivity leads into the increase of demands that creates the opportunity. It also helps to increase the wages and salary of workers since the maintenance of a robot requires a skilled worker. The most beneficiary of the robots are the industry. Also based on the IFR’s position paper robots are more efficient, has a consistency in the work and more productive rather than humans.  Based on the studies found, most of the result of having a robot in an industry helps to increase the productivity. It is also stated that it become a fundamental need in the society since most of the things we have today are gadgets and technology. Most of this study discussed about how the robot will affect the production of a company but there is no specific study indicated in this chapter containing the topic about a wheel-armed robot.

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