Yours kind consideration is solicited. Yours Sincerely, (Your

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Yours kind consideration is solicited.

Yours Sincerely,
(Your Name)

Reply to the previous letter

(Bank Name)

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This is in reference to your letter ____________ (Date), regard­ing the admission of your ____________ (Son Name). As you are your­self aware that admissions are over and the session is about to commence from ____________ (Date), so we are quite helpless in this regard. However, as your son has a good academic record and we would not like to lose a brilliant student, hence you can bring him to the school on ____________ (Date) at ____________ (Time) as we would like to interview him. Moreover our school is having account in your branch, so we have a provision of three seats for the employees of ____________ (Bank Name). Two of the seats are full and if your son is able to get through the exam, then we can admit him on that seat. Your are also requested to be present along with your wife.

Yours Sincerely,
(Principal Name)

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