We paid on this amount. ____________ extra commissions

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We thank you for your letter dated ____________. We shall be glad to appoint you as our sole agent for ____________ (Place Name) on the following terms and conditions: 1. That sole agency will mean sole distributorship of our ____________ (Product Name) ‘Unique’ and no other product manufac­tured by us. 2. That the sole agency shall be for ____________ (Place Name) only. 3.

That you shall deposit with us a cash security of ____________ (Amount). 4. That you shall give us an annual sale of ____________ (Amount) and a commission of ____________% shall be paid on this amount. ____________ extra commissions shall be paid on exceeding your sale of ____________ (Amount) and ____________% on exceeding sale of ____________ (Amount). 5. That the amount of commission shall be settled annually after you have crossed the sale of ____________ (Amount). 6. That you shall give us at least ____________% increase in sale every year.

7. That payment of bills shall be made in ____________ days and credit at no time shall go beyond ____________ (Amount) including your security of ____________ (Amount). Therefore, in case when this limit of ____________ (Amount) is achieved, further documents shall be sent through bank for immediate payment. 8.

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That so long as you sell our ‘Unique’, you will not sell any other ____________ (Product Name), even for those firms for whom you are the sole distributor for their other products. 9. That all publicity material, leaflets, price lists shall be supplied at our expense. 10. That all goods shall be sent F.O.R. anywhere in ____________ (Place Name).

11. That all goods will be properly packed in wooden boxes each ____________ (Product Name) separately, and no responsibility for any damage shall be borne by us, once the goods leave our place. This, however, excludes any mechanical or technical defect which will be rectified at our cost. 12. That you shall not pledge or mortgage our goods to any one at any time for any reason whatsoever. 13. That all special offers shall entitle you to your usual commission apart from additional benefits of special offers. 14.

That all orders received from you shall be executed as promptly as possible subject, of course, to the availability of stock. 15. That either party is at liberty to terminate the agency by giving ____________ days notice in writing. 16. That disputes, if any, shall be subject to ____________ (Place Name) courts only. We hope you will find the above acceptable. Please return us two copies of the agreement duly signed and stamped together with a draft for ____________ (Amount). Thanking you Yours faithfully,(Your Name)(Company Name)Managing Director

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