July innocent lives suffering due to absence, destruction,

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July 15, 2010 The Editor, The Times of India, 105/7A SN Banerjee Road, Kolkata – 700 014. Subject: The poor condition of pedestrians Dear Sir, The streets in our city are getting from bad to worse for pedestrians. We pedestrians can’t use the broken, narrow and hawker-infested footpaths in the busiest parts of the city and thus run the continuous risk of finding ourselves on the other side of the grave. I am sure that the concerned authorities have enough funds to develop a kind of infrastructure where the steering wheel of a driver does not become the wheel of our destiny leading us to our death. A broader and a proper footpath free of the hawks, sorry, hawkers, would also ensure that we are not showered with stagnant and filthy mud water, courtesy the drivers, during the rainy season.

Our complaints and views have repeatedly been falling on deaf years for the last so many years. So, we request you to kindly highlight this issue in your newspaper so that many innocent lives suffering due to absence, destruction, or invasion of footpaths can breathe easy. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours sincerely, Samantak Mukherjee

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