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I am a regular reader of your esteemed newspaper since ____________. Your newspaper, since its establishment in 1990, “has always upheld the values of “high quality media” since its inception. However, I have been observing a deviation in the trends since the fag end of the nineties. You started a column known as ____________ (Column Name), wef ____________ (Date). This feature highlighted the American actresses (mostly the sex symbols and nymphs of our times) in the most obscene forms.

For example, your feature portrayed a famous Hollywood actress in a bikini on ____________ (Date). Well, a bikini is a swimming costume and ought to have something at the top as well. But your feature gave the photograph of ____________(Name) without any garment at the top. Further, you published an article in your esteemed newspaper about ____________ (Name), the famous Italian movie star. You exposed his personal life and brought tonnes of shame to him. May I know why did it you try to investigate into the personal life of ____________ (Name) whereas the title of the article was ____________ (Name). The Latest Entrant in Hollywood! Moreover, the language, the style and the quality of presentation have deteriorated during last nine months.

You are more interested in publishing pornographic accounts and night life in Freetown. Religion, good values and a peaceful way of life have been skillfully ignored by you. The absolute freedom of American psyche has forced you to incorporate savage insinuations in your text and colour prints. Please do not publish this letter in your esteemed newspaper, lest your daily sales should plummet.

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I still remain on avid reader of The Daily News, hoping that it might regain its lost glory!

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Your Name)

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