Thanking me to supervise his studies for a

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Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)

Sample Lines

1) I am much interested to know how my daughter is faring in her studies.

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2) I would like to check on the performance of my ward.

3) It is a cause of worry to me that of late my son has displayed absent-mindedness and quarrelsome attitude. I would like to know his interest in studies.

4) I had arranged for special coaching for my son ____________ (Son Name). I would like to know if there has been any marked improvement in him.

5) I would like you to take stock of my child’s aptitude and report me of his academic progress.

6) I request you to give special attention to ____________ (Name) especially in Physics and Math’s.

7) I would like to enlist your co-operation to improve my son’s percentage lover his previous records.

8) Do; advise me if special coaching would help.

9) What sort of supervision do you suggest?

10) Her marks have been sinking. I would like to know the cause of her unsatisfactory performance.

11) I request you to let me know if his performance in all the subjects is satisfactory.

12) I humbly request you to make productive suggestions.

13) Your guidance would considerably help me to supervise his studies for a better result.

Close cordially with thanks

14) I shall be much obliged if you help me in this matter.

15) I am sure you can carve a better future for him.

16) Thanking you for your invaluable co-operation.

17) Please do excuse me for this trouble.

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