Came Al­though I have warned her about your

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Came home yesterday night and found a fax which made me jump with joy. You know that I could not believe that you, ____________ (Receiver Name), CEO of one of worlds leading engi­neering firm, is coming to ____________ (Place Name). But believe me, for me you are the same ____________ (Receiver Name) with whom I spent three yeas in __________ (Place Name). It really makes me feel special when someone of your stature faxes me about his visit. How’s Sally? Hope she will-accompany you. Haven’t seen her for a long time.

I’m sure she must be more beautiful than be­fore. As you have mentioned in your fax that after the negotiations and finalising the technological transfer deal, you will have a few days on hand for getting acquainted with the country, I would like to know exactly how many days, you have at your disposal,so that I can fix-up your itinerary for your stay in this country and remember the moment you finish your deal, you are my guest and what you do with your accompanying officials, is your head­ache but you are going to stay with me and not in any five-star hotel.

Failing to comply with this demand of mine would lead to the end of friendship. Remember ____________ (Wife Name), my wife is yet to meet you and whatever I have told about you to her has aroused her interest in meeting you. Al­though I have warned her about your flirting attitude, but she feels that you are a harmless ____________ (Nationality). What about your kids? It has been five years since, we last met and there is so much to gossip. The idea of meeting you is making me excited and restless and to end this letter I appreciate your greatness for remembering me, even after so many years.

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Awaiting you enthusiastically,
(Sender Name)

Reply to the Previous Letter


My Evergreen Friend,
(Receiver Name)

Let me confess you that with time being so short, you are the first person, outside ____________ (Place Name) with whom I’m communicating in the last three years. If I’m not incor­rect, my addressing you, ____________ (Name), is how you used to intro­duce yourself at ____________ (Place Name) as “Mr. Everygreen”, a term that you picked up after your favourite Indian hero, whose name I’m forgetting at the moment. Anyway, more than me, Sally with our three year old ____________ (Name) wants to meet you more. After going through your emotional and nos­talgic letter, I’ve decided to stay in your august company for a period of five days viz, ____________ (Date) to ____________ (Date). I’ve my return tickets for ____________ (Date).

Wherever you want to take us and whatever you plan to do to us, is entirely at your discretion. Now you have to plan everything for us and we are at your mercy. Yeah ! I’ve yet to meet your better half because from the photographs you had sent me about your wedding, she is simply mind-blowing and I don’t mind asking her for a date. Certain habits never change. I’m reaching India, landing at ____________ (Place Name) on Jan____________ (Date) and thereafter visit the Indian associates and finalise the papework, which should be over within a week’s time. And food should be completely Indian, I used to love that taste of Indian spices while dinning with you. This letter I’m writing to you, during my flight from ____________ (Place Name) to ____________ (Place Name) and the plane is about to touch down. So I end my letter here wishing you “A Prosperous ____________ (Year)”

Always Yours,
(Sender Name)

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