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Léonce Pontellier “You are burnt beyond recognition, he added, looking at his wife as one looks at a valuable piece of personal property which has suffered some damage” (Chopin 7).”He thought it very discouraging that his wife, who was the sole object of his existence, evinced so little interest in things which concerned him, and valued so little his conversation” (Chopin 12).Mr. Pontellier says this to express his feeling toward his spouse Edna and distinguish her more of a personal property rather than a love partner or as a wife, and that he doesn’t like to see his personal property being damaged. Mr. Pontellier doesn’t address his wife with soft tone after Edna return from the beach with a sunburn and does not question her relationship with Robert but instead get annoyed when Edna neglects her domestic affairs and duties. To some extent, Mr. Pontellier uses bitter and harsh word such as “burnt.”Even though Mr. Pontellier seem like an ideal husband for the ladies in town. The authors made an allusion to personal property and harsh diction to draw attention to Mr. Pontellier true personality that he is ill-tempered, unsettled, and cranky. The author also uses diction that put shame on Mr.Pontellier ways of treating and viewing his wife. The harsh language spoken characterizes readers that Mr. Pontellier follows the tradition of marriage and that women should respect and obey her husband. This change the plot for his relationship with Edna grammatically change for Edna felt that she’s living a boring life devoting her life to her children’s and household work as Mr. Pontellier take Edna for granted and spend little time with Edna and the children but rather see him spend more time reading the newspaper. Mr. Pontellier acts this way in order to clarify his marriage to his wife Edna. He had just got back from Klein’s hotel to get a break from his family and was in an excellent humor, high spirit, and was very talkative. He discusses the event that occurs, and rumor heard while staying at Klein’s hotel but his spouse Edna has no interest in his conversion and topic. Edna reaction to the conversion question Mr. Pontellier relationship and marriage. When Edna share her feeling with him he avoids them and when her behavior contradicts his expression he also dismissed them. As a result of this conversion, it was Edna’s first awakening to recognizing that she is not being treated fairly and her partner is a bully and ill-tempered. The reader can view that once Mr. Pontellier need is not met he uses his wife to make her think less of a person as well as criticize her position in the role of a mother and a wife. It can also be seen that he likes to have his ways in all role. Robert Lebrun”Good-by-because I love you” (Chopin 185).Robert loves Edna as much as Edna loves him. As their romance process, it is clear that they’re far more than just friends. Robert helps Edna comprehend that Edna desires true love and affection that Mr. Pontellier fails to carry out. Robert also compels her to understand the misery as well as the unhappiness in her marriage with Mr. Léonce. Yet Robert didn’t desire to cut across the line of continuing a relationship accompanied by a married woman. Robert overcomes his affection by departing from Edna to Mexico. He understood that they both had responsibilities within society that they could not turn away from it. This passage is linked to the theme of passion and responsibility since Edna dearly love Robert and is passionate towards him but he understands that, in their society, it is virtuously unlawful for them to be together; they must put their responsibilities first.

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