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Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest (LVH-Cedar Crest) is located
on Cedar Crest Boulevard in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  It is part of the Lehigh Valley Health
Network, there are eight hospitals in the network.    The Lehigh Valley Health Network was
founded in 1899 aside from the eight hospitals there are also, sixteen
ExpressCARE locations, one hundred sixty-three physician practices, forty-five
rehabilitation locations, twenty-two health centers, eighty-one testing and
imaging locations, thirty pediatric specialties and one children’s hospital (Lvhn.org,

LVH-Cedar Crest was constructed in Salisbury Township,
Pennsylvania in 1974.  After traveling
back and for with his wife from the Lehigh Valley to New York City for cancer
treatments, Leonard Parker Pool felt the community needed a hospital closer to
home.  So, he donated five million
dollars to have a “superior, regional hospital” (Lvhn.org, 2018) built.  According to the
website for Pennsylvania Health Statistics (Statistics.health.pa.gov, 2018)
LVH-Cedar Crest has eight hundred seventy-seven beds, had an occupancy rate of
79.2 percent and the average length of stay is 5.10 days. 

The Lehigh Valley Health Network is not-for-profit.  They have a Board of Trustees which includes twenty
trustees that oversees management, the yearly budget and selects the CEO.  Trustees are selected by a nominating
committee and are elected to three-year terms. 
There is no age minimum but no one over 75 years old will be
elected.  Trustees are unpaid and are
volunteers.   There are also committees:
Finance Committee, Nominating and Governance Committee, Community Relations
Committee, Compensation and Development Committee, Development Committee, LVHN
Pool Trust Liaison Committee and Audit Committee (Lvhn.org 2018).

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LVH-Cedar Crest is one of the largest and oldest licensed
teaching hospitals in

Pennsylvania.  It is a member of the Council of Teaching
Hospitals and is a partner with University of South Florida.  It’s also a regional referral center for
trauma, burns, kidney and pancreas transplants. LVH-Cedar Crest was
Pennsylvania’s first Level 1 Trauma Center and is still the only Level 1 trauma
center in the Lehigh Valley (E. Fulmer, personal communication, January 22, 2018).  The Hospital is also Joint
Commission-certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, it was the first in
Pennsylvania and the third in the nation to be designated.  The Burn Center is for both adults and
pediatrics, has 18 beds and has a burn treatment room specifically designed to
help prevent infection, promote healing and control pain. 

Lehigh Valley Children’s Hospital is also located at the Cedar Crest
location.  It is the only children’s
hospital in the Lehigh Valley.  It
includes a child’s ER, Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Pediatric
Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Children’s Specialty Center, Children’s Surgery
Center and Children’s Cancer and Multipurpose Infusion Center (E. Fulmer, personal
communication, January 22, 2018).

LVH-Cedar Crest has several Approvals and Accreditations that include, National
Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) – Breast Health Services
Accreditation, Institutional Accreditation for Graduate Medical Education,
American College of Radiology (ACR) – Breast Health Services Accreditation
(Lvhn.org, 2018), only to name a few.

Crest’s infection rates, according to www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare, the hospital
ranked no different than the national benchmark in central line-associated bloodstream
infections, Surgical site infection (SSI) from colon surgery and SSI from abdominal
hysterectomy.  They ranked worse than the
national benchmark in catheter-associated urinary tract infections and menthicillin-resistant
Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) blood infections.
 The ranked better than the national benchmark
with Clostridium difficile (C. diff.)
intestinal infections.

personally would always choose Lehigh Valley Hospital for my healthcare needs, I
find them to be more competent than other hospitals located in my area.  





















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