Learning process has been demonstrated by various means

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Learning is defined by the process by which the
knowledge and skills of the recipient are conveyed by different means.

 Education is the
fruit of evolution in civilizations, where knowledge cannot evolve or apply
without transmission, otherwise it will be lost by the end of civilization or

Therefore, the need for continuous development of this
important process has been demonstrated by various means and methods, taking
advantage of modern developments and inventions that can enhance the quality of
this process, hence the term “educational technology”.

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And In the late 20th century, technology emerged and
greatly influenced the old methods of education and replaced by new methods of
technology that helped students to access the information easily.

 All educational
institutions, both governmental and private, are racing to provide effective
teaching aids to help students learn and provide them with the ability to
innovate and excel.

Education technology in its
broad sense includes the methods, tools, materials, devices, and regulations
used in an education system for achieving specific educational objectives.

 The technology of education does not just mean
the use of modern machines and devices, but primarily the introduction of the
method of systems, which is a method, method and method of work going in
organized steps, and uses all the possibilities offered by technology according
to theories of teaching and learning.

This method emphasizes the
integrated view of the role of educational means and their association with
other components of these systems in a reciprocal relation.

The importance of the use of technology in education is
due to the fact that the field of education has witnessed a great leap in the
present century; the education system has developed very rapidly, exploiting
the development of technology, the productivity of education has increased,
education has become more enjoyable, student interaction has increased, and
creativity has been greater.


provide effective means to help students learn more easily.

 Modern teaching
methods include computers, CD-ROMs, the Internet as the sea of ??information and a great educational tool, and
audio-visual media

It is through this importance that we start talking
about technology in education and related points, for example:

·      How
the technology makes the education easier and less cost than before

·      Advantage
and disadvantages of technology

·      How
technology begins in education and who is now

·      Most
popular application used in education 

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