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Learning algorithms has a ubiquitous influence on intelligent systems, and they playa prominent role in developing, advancing, and directing the intelligence of machines. Infact, the learning algorithms are a necessity when decisions are made based on complex,high-dimensional, and noisy data. Although many learning algorithms perform convincingat solving some formally specified problems, they are not fully optimized in finding a goodinternal representation of the data.I was first introduced to deep learning when I accidentally came across a report of Google’searly research, a few years ago. The headline was “Google’s Artificial Brain Learns to FindCat Videos!”. The work aimed to recognize common objects from unlabeled YouTube stills.The technical knowledge behind that headline was later became the main impetus I’m writingthis letter to you. The deep learning algorithms are closing the gap between humans andmachines as in near-perfect speech recognition, practical computer vision, etc.Joining National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) highschool provided me with a strong background in mathematics and sciences, andconsequently, it paved the way for me to join the second-best engineering school in Iran,Amirkabir University of Technology .Following my penchant for mathematics and aspirationto put the theories into practice, I opted to major Electrical Engineering. Besides, theundergraduate program in electrical engineering had the most competitive atmosphere amongall the other programs. It had been an immense source of motivation for me throughout myeducation.Knowing that mastering in machine learning fields requires a strong background inmathematics,I have paid special attention to math courses which all helped mein gaining insight into the theoretical facets behind the machine learning algorithms. In thesummer of 2016, I joined the Multimedia Signal Processing Research Lab (MSPRL)as an Intern. The lab is under the supervision of Prof. Sheikhzadeh who is a well-knownresearcher on signal processing, and machine learning. During my internship, I focused onlearning topics. I started reading resources on the web about machine learning. I also took abrilliant online course, Machine learning (taught by Andrew N.G.)Toward acquiring a more profound insight in machine learning, I enrolled in graduate-levelcourse for current semester which full name is “statistical pattern recognition”.My career goal is to create theories with strong foundations and put them into applicationswith broad impact that facilitate the human life.I hope to pursue a Master in machine learning and their intersections with computer vision. Ibelieve my academic background has instilled the required qualities, as a Master candidate,in me to encounter every challenge that one might faces. However, the journey of the mosttalented students could never be pursued to its ultimate goal in the absence of guidance fromthe wise.To achieve my research goals, I wish to study in a university that with the help of its vibrantacademic environment, innovative ideas find the chance to flourish. Epfl Electrical andComputer Engineering department is renowned for its excellence faculties that are pioneers instate-of-the-art research in machine learning applications and theory. Therefore, I hope to joinyour Master program to gain further training and find the opportunity to collaborate withactive researchers on creative ideas.  

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