2. Independence Day will be celebrated in the

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Circular for Independence Day Celebrations

(Date) This is to inform all staff concerned that Independence Day will be celebrated in the office premises at ____________ (Time) with the hoisting of the flag by the General Manager. Thereafter, the Cultural Committee will present different cultural items including songs and dances by the chil­dren of the employees. Various awards will be presented to the different departments for their outstanding perfor­mance in contributing to the profit and image of the com­pany. Thereafter, tea and snacks will be served. You are requested to make this celebration a success by your participation and presence.

3. Circular Regarding Better Services

(Date) State Bank of India has decided that in order to garner more business and generate a goodwill among the cus­tomers, the Management and the award staff should join hands together in order to better the customer services, which has taken a downslide as per the response of our customers during the “Customer Week” celebration.

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A large number of complaints have slurred our image as the Bank closest to the common man. We sincerely hope that the employees of this esteemed organisation will fasten their seat belts and once again rise to the occasion, to remove the negative perceptions of the people.

4. Circular Regarding an Errant Employee

(Date) This is to bring to the notice of all employees of the Organisation that ____________(Name) has been termi­nated from his services due to his financial manhandling of the company finances. Moreover, he has also taken money from some employees of the organisation on false pretext. Anybody found associating himself with the above-mentioned person will be doing at his own risk and the organisation will not be responsible for any fi­nancial dealings.

5. Circular Regarding an Appointment in the Organisation

(Date) This is to inform the various departmental heads that ____________(Name) has joined the organisation in the ca­pacity of Vice-President. His vast and rich experience that he brings with him to the organisation will be highly valued.

It is hoped that his managerial skills will become his forte in the organisation. On ____________ (Date), he joins the organisation and the various General Managers are requested to have a meeting with him and apprise him of the situation. We wish him all the best and hope that he turns the situ­ation according to the market forces.


Circular Regarding Retirement

(Name) The Company wishes to inform that ____________ (Name), General Manager (Operations), is due for retirement on ____________ (Date). He had a glorious career with the com­pany spanning three decades in which his contributions to the company are immeasurable. Single handedly, he designed some of the best automobiles with less petrol consumption which made us to be the number one au­tomobile manufacturer in the country. At ____________ (Time), after the closing of the office hours, the company has arranged a farewell party and has decided to felicitate him. You are requested to present in the function and grace the occasion, after which dinner will be served.

7. Circular Regarding Promotion

(Date) With great pleasure, we wish to inform that ____________(Name) has been promoted to scale IV officer in the organisation, due to his achievements which include turning loss making branches into profitable ones, thereby increasing the profitability of the organisation by more than twenty-five percent. He will be joining as Zonal Manager (North) posted at ____________ (Place Name).

We wish him all the best and assure him of our best of co-operation and hope that under his guidance, the com­pany will soar great heights.

8. Circular Regarding the Closure of Showroom

(Date) This is to bring to notice of all our valued customers that due to the problem of transport and other difficulties, we are closing down our showroom w.e.f.

____________ (Date). However, the showroom will shift to G Block Connaught Place and re-open on the ____________ (Date), which will also be the 25th anniversary of our business. At present, renovation work is going on and we are planning to put on more items. Located centrally, we are sure to serve our customers better. All our valued and loyal custom­ers are requested to grace the occasion at ____________ (Time) on ____________ (Date). Inconvenience cauged temporarily, is highly regretted.


Circular Regarding Condolence

(Date) With due regret we inform all the staff of ____________ (Company Name) Companies, that our beloved and much respected Man­aging Director, ____________ (Name) left for heavenly abode in the wee hours of ____________ (Date). All employ­ees are requested to assemble at ____________ (Address), to attend the condolence of ____________ (Name) at his residence and at the same time show to the greived family that we are with them, in any type of cri­sis. This small token of gesture would be highly appreci­ated.

10. Circular Regarding Pool Conveyance

(Date) In response to the nation-wide appeal made by the Min­istry of Petroleum, it has been, hereby decided to pool the resources of the car services being used for the ex­ecutive cadre employees, which includes Regional Man­agers and above. So, instead of the ten company cars, only five will be used for commuting the executives to and from their residence. This, however shall not be ap­plicable to the Managing Director and the Board of Di­rectors. It is hoped that co-operation will come from all quarters and the modalities of the new arrangement will be chalked out by the HRM department.

11. Circular Regarding Relief Measures

(Date) Keeping in view the major disaster caused in ____________ (Place Name) due to an earthquake which has rendered lacs of people homeless and caused destruction of over Crores to such an extent that the disaster has been termed as a “Na­tional Disaster”, we request all employees in our con­cern that as a matter of humanitarian gesture, to donate the salary of one day, for those helpless and hapless victims of natural catastrophe. The management would like to make it clear that this is not an imposition but a voluntary gesture. Those who comply with this appeal should get their de­partmental heads to send their names for salary deduc­tion of one-day. The names should also be signed.

One small humanitarian gesture is a huge leap towards man­kind.

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