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Leadership is a virtue that is highly praised in our society. When the word “leadership” comes to my mind, it is not about authority over something but rather is about leading a group of people to success. Leadership comes with great responsibility, and I learned that after becoming president of International Students in Business (ISB). I learned that it’s not always about yourself, but it’s about caring for other members on the team. The decision connected with the position is  are important because they impact the individual perspective about as a leader. After spending a considerable time  at UNI, the important thing we strive to do and what our professor and instructor emphasize is to develop self-leadership, starting to manage time, and working on a problem can showcase what you will probably do when you’re given a much bigger responsibility. Right now, if I cannot handle myself then probably I will not be able to handle a multi-million organization. Spending almost two years at UNI, opened my understanding about leadership, I started to act as a leader for myself. I understood that a leader can be fallible, people will doubt you, question and criticize you, and perhaps his decisions even might not give the same result as we’d hoped but he knows how correct himself. I did the same for myself., I was frightened of developing social relationships with colleagues, professors and friends, so I questioned myself, how important would this quality be if I was in a leadership role? and there was my answer, back to business 1000 class where the guest speaker said to us: “Your success depends on how you live your life today”. If I do not work on the problem, then I’ll always rely on someone else to take the lead. Citizen is a widely used term in our society. “Citizen-test” determine who is eligible to inhibit a country, “Citizen-Juries” are responsible for keeping “check and balance” and teachers in school uses “good-citizen” to encourage their students to voluntarily contribute to the community. Walter Berns wrote “Citizenship is a sense of belonging to a community for which one bear some responsibility. In a word, citizenship implies public spiritedness, which is akin to patriotism”. It is a tough occupation, more than paying your taxes and voting. You can make you society stronger and better.

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