Leadership is one of the important aspect of in today’s era. Leadership can make a huge difference between a successful organisation and not successful organization or project. There is a major difference between leadership in project management and leadership of any other field. Leaders help themselves as well as other people to do the correct things. They set course, assemble a motivating vision, and make something new. Administration is tied in with mapping out where you must go to “win” as a group or an association; and it is dynamic, energizing, and motivating.

The primary distinction amongst leaders and managers is that pioneers have individuals tail them while chiefs have individuals who work for them.


A fruitful entrepreneur should be both a solid leader and chief to get their group on board to tail them towards their vision of progress. Authority is tied in with inspiring individuals to comprehend and put stock in your vision and to work with you to accomplish your objectives while overseeing is more about directing and ensuring the everyday things are occurring as they should.

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Leadership and Management are indistinguishable in nature, if there is administration, there is initiative. Indeed, the characteristics of an administrator require authority abilities to motivate his subordinate. In an association, you can see both administration and initiative. There is an administrator in an office and various leaders who work with their groups in helping the association in the achievement of their objectives. Ordinarily directors assume the part of a leader as well, at the request of the association. So, they both go next to each other as a supplement to each other. An association needs both for its development and survival.

Trait theory: – If we somehow happened to have the capacity to segregate practices that separate successful leaders from inadequate leaders, at that point we could utilize this information to prepare individuals to end up leaders.

Behavioural theory: – If we can recognize basic behavioural determinants of the initiative, thus, we could utilize them to prepare individuals to end up leaders.

Contingency Theorie: – Behavioral specialists have had next to no accomplishment in recognizing predictable connections between examples of authority conduct and effective execution.

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