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   Leaders help themselves as well as other
people to do the correct things. They set the right direction, and make
something new. And it is dynamic, energizing, and moving. However, leaders should
likewise utilize administration aptitudes to direct their kin to the correct
goal, in a productive way, and that is why Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were
successful leaders.


    Gandhi film, In 1888 Gandhi’s family
directed him to England to learn and study about law. There, he was inspired by
the reasoning of peacefulness. The film begins with Gandhi as a youthful lawyer
in South Africa. He was riding on a train; he is requested to go to second rate
class on account of his position as a minority. He denies and is diverted from
the train. This is the first in a progression of peaceful endeavors at
challenge Gandhi makes. Afterward, Gandhi is significantly more propelled to
make correspondence and bring a conclusion to racial abuse. In the wake of
having some accomplishment in South Africa realizing transform he comes back to
India where he is welcomed as a national champion. He endeavors to convey a
similar sort of progress to the general population there.


Mandela is a leader of South African who invested a very long time in jail for
opposing apartheid, in South Africa the strategy by which the races
were isolated and whites were supposed control over blacks. Upon his discharge
from jail, Mandela turned into the primary leader of South Africa in which
apartheid was authoritatively finished. After Mandela becomes an
adult; he dedicated his life to battling for the political and legitimate
fairness of every single South African. As an outcome of activities, he put in
twenty-seven years in jail, by the time he became free in 1990, the guide of
Africa had changed practically to the point of being unrecognizable from the
moment he entered jail. Each nation in the mainland was free and independent,
against all chances, Nelson Mandela was chosen leader of South Africa just four
years after the fact.

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    For me Gandhi has impressed me because he
has great personality for example Gandhi His hypothesis of peaceful challenge
has enlivened a huge number of individuals since to utilize these same
standards to win their rights. In this film, Gandhi is displayed as a man as
opposed to similarly as a brave, notable figure. Initially starts to battle
unfairness while he was living in South Africa. He perceives how unpleasantly
minorities individuals, including himself, are dealt with, and he essentially
can’t comprehend why individuals would treat each other like this so he battles
for autonomous and equality.


   To conclude Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson
Mandela have many qualities that made them successful leaders which inspired
many people around the world for example how they achieved their goals and
overcome their struggles and their goals is to seek for equality, they did not
focus on revenge or hate, and finally they were full of hope

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