Lastly, be social justice, nurses need to

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Lastly, a balancing
scale is a way of balancing social inequity and creating equity. In an ideal
society, justice would be presented on the scale as balanced at all times.

However, it a tilt can signify that the scale is capable of inequalities caused
by society as a whole. Social justice depends on societal imbalances that
depend on a wide range of factors, such as age, sex, economic status, culture,
and ethnicity. Recognizing these implications that cause social inequity, allow
nurses to be in a prime position to act as advocates in aiding the nation to
identify inequities in which take a toll in health care. Boutain (2005)
suggests individuals who explore the issues in which create unequal conditions
for oppressed groups, as well as, privileged groups allow ways to determine
techniques to participate in addressing complex social problems that remain
hidden and unhidden in order to promote a well- balanced society. Differences
should not be seen as an ‘abnormal’ concept to society. Differences should
enhance the diversity and fairness in society in which allow every individual
of different sex, age, race, or social circumstances, to have an equal chance
to succeed in life. This is a recognition in which displays social justice is a
never-ending process, however, it should be portrayed as a goal to meet on a
daily basis, as well as, a process that society should nurture.  Through the value of social justice, it has
allowed me to grasp a better understanding of becoming an advocate for those
who require a voice. Social justice does not only represent fairness; it is the
recognition that there should differences within society and respect is a
concept that each person should be treated with. For there to be social
justice, nurses need to collaborate with the community to use an ‘upstream’
approach. This will requires the willingness to acknowledge, pause, listen,
collaborate, and accept changes, to reach a goal of a more sustainable
health-care system that is a humane and equitable world to all of society

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