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LAST NIGHT I DREAMT, THAT SOMEBODY LOVED ME.                              NO HOPE NO HARM ,    JUST ANOTHER FALSE ALARM.                                   – THE SMITHS©mnnIn this world of technology, where man has reached on moon; people are unknown who their neighbors are. Our increasing social groups and contacts on social media has surely led to feelings of solitude. Many individuals fail to establish relationships and unable to achieve the need for having its rewards. The result being – LONELINESS .FACTORS PREDISPOSING A PERSON TO EXPERIENCE LONELINESS1. ROLE OF GENETICS©completehealthtipsforuIn a study (2000) conducted by McGuire and Clifford on behavioral genetic investigation of  loneliness among children(9-14 yrs), identical twins were found to be more similar in loneliness than are fraternal twins, indicating genetic similarity’s association with greater similarity with respect to loneliness.2. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS©linkedinLoneliness is also influenced by environmental factors. It was found in a study that unrelated siblings raised in adoptive homes are more similar in terms of loneliness than random children. Children of busy working parents often find themselves feeling lonely( in USA ) whereas interactive family environment reduces it ( in INDIA ).3. ATTACHMENT STYLE FACTORS©youtubeIndividuals who fear and avoid intimacy are unable to trust in other people to risk seeking closeness. People who perceive themselves to be giving more than receiving often feel lonely and at times social anxiety too.4. FAILURE TO DEVELOP SOCIAL SKILLS©thenewdailyChildren develop interpersonal skills in families, preschool settings where they interact with peers. Lack of this exposure, a child may engage in negative behaviors such as avoiding others , abusing others, bullying and experiencing social anxiety Thus, people’s rejection towards that child leads toIS IT TOO LATE TO REDUCE LONELINESS ??©expertlinkPeople who suffer in social settings generally are aware of their unhappiness, dissatisfaction and unpopularity. Obviously, we can’t change anyone’s genetic makeup , but still it’s possible for them to reduce their loneliness. Many intervention techniques like Cognitive therapy aims at disrupting pattern of negativity and encourage new positive thoughts , ideas and perceptions. Social training aims at providing appropriate behaviors which people have to observe and act as role play .Then, are made familiar with real life situations.Experiencing intense loneliness can lead to depression disorders where in medical attention needs to be given.                                                                                             Comment on the section below on what you want to read next. Keep updated with all new posts by selecting NOTIFY ME OF NEW POSTS BY EMAIL OPTION.

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