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Lareina ChenMr. Hayward9AJanuary 11th, 2017Genetic Engineering EssayGenetic engineering is a powerful and dangerous technology. Sometimes called genetic modification, genetic engineering is the process of altering the DNA in an organism’s genome. Editing the sequence of nucleotides can sometimes lead to extreme harmful effects on the human race, while on the other hand generates huge benefits for society. While talking about Genetic engineering, it is carried out by CRISPR. CRISPR stands for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.” It can quickly twist most of the genes in any plant or animal. CRISPR and many other tools are being used in many ways, such as changing the base of nucleotide. Also, scientists called this technology “genetic cut-and-paste technology” so that it turn genes on and off. Therefore, Genetic engineering have both advantages and consequences. People in nowadays are still arguing about the technology of Genetic engineering, but is Genetic engineering really a good thing? Should we go for it or against it? In my opinion, I am against human genetic engineering and there are some following reasons, even it sometimes help people. What are the advantages of Genetic engineering? First, Genetic engineering ends disease, which is the most conductive thing that helps people, in many ways. Diseases are the major enemy for human. Diseases are often being inherited through generations, these diseases are hard to remove from the bodies or can’t even cure. Scientists have been studying by using mice, and this investigation finds out that using Genetic engineering can really help cure diseases. Using the tool CRISPR, it “cuts and pastes” genes into another, changing the nucleotide base. The study finds out that mice that is injected by CRISPR removes 50 percent of the disease from its body. Even though this study can’t be proved on human’s body, but it proves that Genetic engineering really helps to alleviate the diseases. Maybe in a few years, this technology can be used on human. Second, it helps family generations. Nowadays, scientists starts to make designer babies. Designer babies are babies that is created using Genetic engineering. Parents are worried about their children if having problems that is being herited. For example, diseases. These diseases may be removed by Genetic engineering so that the child won’t get the disease that is inherited by their parents. Parents will “customize” their babies. If the parents want a child with blue eyes and gold hair, then they can have it by using Genetic engineering, changing their genes into another. Genetically engineered humans are tougher, faster, stronger and smarter than a normal human. Children that is being modified using Genetic engineering before birth will have a healthier body, comparing to a normal baby. On the other hand, even though there are many advantages, but the disadvantages are very serious and risky. First, referring back to the advantages, ending diseases using Genetic engineering may worsen the diseases. New genes that are inserted using the CRISPR may have other functions that haven’t been noticed before, maybe scientists haven’t find out the bacterias involving in the CRISPR. Some of the effects of these unknown gene functions may be changed in a short time if scientists notice it, but other genes without noticing immediately, the effect may cause a huge term of changes and seriousness. For example, just like flu, at first people injects injection to their body, but inside the injection there may be some bacterias that your body have never face before. The bacteria will make your body sick. As this sickness worsen, and the bacteria has not been founded by the doctor, your sickness will be very severe. Second, although Genetic engineering brings positive effect, but new organisms or things that is created by Genetic engineering could bring to an environmental problem. Changes that is being Genetic engineered will make the environment very unpredictable. For example, foreign species. Species that is created by Genetic engineering may cause an imbalance in the environment because original species in that area are not familiar with new species, so as new species come, old species will be harmed. Accidents in Genetic engineering may cause problems, no no matter from small problems, even to death. Third, Genetic engineering violates the human rights law. In my opinion, I think this reason is the most major reason that makes me against Genetic engineering. Human Rights Law is a law that talks about people having their fundamental human rights. Every single person is borned to have their own rights. If parents use Genetic engineering to change the characteristic of their child, then it violates the child’s right. Some of the people may say that Genetic engineering is just a thing that cure diseases, but actually, maybe these diseases are just bound to them, and it’s a fate. Also, changing your genes does not respect yourself, because people should be who they are, instead of changing themselves. Despite the technology bring so much greatness, genetic engineering can really harm people also to the society. If everyone can change things that they want to, then what is the purpose of human rights? My personal view is that genetic engineering is good when it is used wisely but turns into a  negative in my eyes when it is used carelessly and any reasons. It is possible that Genetic engineering leads to equally or even more terrible effects. So that I against Genetic engineering and support that Genetic engineering should not be developed in our human society.  Genetic engineering may worsen the diseases, new organisms or things that is created by Genetic engineering could bring to an environmental problem, and the most important idea- Genetic engineering violates the human rights law, but technology is improving everyday, we can’t stop the development of genetic engineering, banning genetic engineering only make more and more scientists wandering off, only setting a clear standard of the usage of genetic engineer and making the experiment transparent and take care with caution will benefit either human society and also our planet.

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