Lahori huge range of dishes present here.

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Lahori Food Street, Nothing Can Beat This

The list of variety is never ending, no matter how long we
walk and explore this city of Food Hub, we can never complete the list. Lahore is
the only place in Pakistan, which is famous and known for the huge range of dishes
present here. Starting from Gawalmandi and it keeps on going and going.

People travel from every corner of Pakistan, to enjoy the
food range available in Lahore every season. Lahore’s another name is the heart of Pakistan and this is the
title it is known all around the way, it is a center of attention because of
this authentic food streets one can find in Pakistan. Lahoris are known for
their hospitality and they have choose the right path to win peoples heart by following
this phrase Lahore ke “Shaan,
Mazedaar Pakwan” and this phrase describes Lahore
the best.

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Following are the dishes which plays an important part in Lahores
Food range:

Now adays the most trending stylish and different thing is Pizza Paratha.
Katlama is the same, but a better, bigger and  lahori style pizza partha. It is  a deep fried pizza paratha, the most popular
dish among the foodies in Lahore. A orange color roti topped with masala and
Lentils. Now this is something different and should be tried, another feature
is its quite reasonable. So fella’s ‘Plan toh bunta hai!’.

Amritsar Hareesa
We all are familiar with Haleem, Hareesa is the same. Like every place has its
own special dish, with unique ingredients. It’s the same,
it was brought by the immigrants from Amritsar when people migrated to the
newly found Pakistan in 1950’s. This
is a perfect complete meal and can be consumed as a breakfast or Lunch/Dinner.

Bashir Darul Mahi

Its time for some seafood, Bashir Darl Mahi
is famous for the crispy amazing deep-fried fish in Lahore. It is a perfect
mixture of amazing spices coted on top of the fish. Nothing can beat the chilly
winter season in Lahore except Bashir Darul Mahi’s
amazing yummilicious fish.

Butt Karahi
there is a huge range of karhai available in every city of Pakistan, but
nothing can be more traditional and stomach filling yummilicious karhai than Butt
Karhai available in Lahore. This is such an exquisite experience which your
taste buds will never forget. Try it now if your home town is Lahore or else plan
out a trip, you are missing a lot more than you can imagine.

Fiqqay ki Lassi
After such amazing yet spicy food, something cooler is much needed and here it
come Lahori Fiqqay ki laasi. In Gawalmandi, chaha Fiqqay is very famous and it
is only because of his famous, refreshing creamy Perrey vali laasi, I have
started imagining how amazing this laasi would be. There is another surprising
element in Chacha Fiqqay ki laasi, it is available in both sweet/ salty totally
up to your taste buds.

The more I explore about Lahori food trends, the more I get excited
yet confused from where to start. Lahore is a benchmark and so far, I can’t see anyone offering such wide range
of food.

Foodies what do you think, Desi or We.Desi?

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