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Lab 5 QuestionsQuestion 1:In this context idempotent HTTP GET method is a method that can be called a lot of times without having different outcomes, so results will easily be cached. This HTTP proxy caching enables a person to store copies of recently accessed web objects and gives this information to the user. By adding a “visitor counter” the results will be different from other request, meaning you shouldn’t cache the results. Visitors use proxy servers but also have the same IP address, so the visitor counter won’t see the difference.Question 2:Question 3:Implementing cookies in electronic “shopping baskets” means that cookies save past views, items bought and items that users put in the basket temporarily until this item will be bought. Cookies help the websites to simplify the shopping and browsing actions of users on the website. With cookies, items that are put in the “shopping basket” are not saved on the server itself, but on the personal computer of the customer visiting the website. This means less data will be stored on the server, which makes faster servers. Also personal information about the user can be collected. For these online shops, it’s hard to build a well-functioning website without these cookies, although they take away some privacy of the user.Question 4:Question 5:We used Chrome’s Postman as REST client to study the HTTP response headers. Other HTTP request methods that are allowed with our API are for example POST, DELETE, HEAD, and OPTIONS. Any origin is allowed to access the resource.Question 6:Question 7:We did the Bottle example code and Bottle tutorial, and our example worked. When changing something in “” python automatically reloaded the code after testing. This automatically reloading does the auto-reloader. After accidentally introducing a syntax error the parser displays an error directly where the error was detected.Question 8:Lab 6 QuestionsQuestion 1:Shneiderman mentions sorcery breaches, identity theft, privacy violations and social disruptions of globalization as negative aspects of Web-based social interaction. I think it should be seen as part of Web Science and as well for research fields as sociology and law. Since these things define modern life, we have to do everything to solve these problems in all different fields. This is not a minor issue anymore, and is growing every day since more and more people start using the web. It started as being part of Web Science, but has also moved to different fields now.Question 2:Question 3a:Net Neutrality is the basic principle that prevents internet service providers from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites a user wants to use. Net Neutrality is the way that the internet has always worked, and hopefully, it will stay like this in Europe. SourceQuestion 3b:Yes, I do agree with the statement of Sir Tim because the World Wide Web should be the place for freedom of connectivity. The internet is a place where everyone can enjoy privacy and freedom. We don’t want strangers controlling our internet experience. Net neutrality keeps these strangers, being able to monitor our data, away.Question 3c:FCC ruling in the USA affects EU internet consumers since most large internet related companies are American, like Google and Facebook.Question 4:Question 5:I think Nielsen’s top 10 is still relevant since all of his 10 points can still be translated into our time. Even though it’s almost 7 years ago, the fundamental aspects of Web Design haven’t changed a lot. There has been a lot of improvement, but the basics of making mistakes in Web Design have stayed the same. For example, pop-up’s are missing in this top 10 as severe usability problems. Problem of PDF Files for Online Reading has become quite rare in 2018.Question 6:Question 7:We made a short survey which could be applied to almost every website due to its simplicity. The user is asked for the name, gender, comment and to give the website a grade. We have chosen to keep the survey as simple as possible, not for ourselves of course, but we know most users are lazy and don’t want to spend a lot of time answering questions. By asking to write a comment, users can choose everything they want and have full freedom to say whatever they want about the website. This can be positive or negative. Since people love to give ratings, we decided to add this function as well.Mini Survey:First name:Last name: Male FemalePersonal experience with the websiteGive your overall rate!                      6                      7                      8                      9                      10                   Question 8:Question 9:We will briefly describe the history of Google. The first version of Google was put online the 11th of November in 1998. The user had the ability to search through 25 million webpages, which is nothing compared to the trillions we have these days. Over the years they haven’t changed the lay-out a lot, they kept it minimalistic and simple. They only changed the design of the Google logo on special occasions. The page is still all white, with a search bar, their logo and some buttons. The Google-Account in the top-right corner has been added recently in the past few years. The 2 big buttons are ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and ‘search. The ‘search’ button will bring you to a page with search results, whereas the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button automatically transports you to the first search result. We went back in time and looked at a lot of snapshots of Google back in the days, but overall not a lot has changed to the design. Exploring the summery on MIME-types Count we found some impressive stats. Over a range of 20 years, almost 200 million new URL’s have been created. Looking at the graph we see that it reached an overall peak in 2012 for captures, URL’s and new URL’s. As expected Google makes the most use out of text/html and image/png coming in second place. Very fun and interesting website to explore (

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