L3-U37-A1 types of animations such as advertisements, apps,

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Application Software

In this section I will be
explaining the techniques and development of application software capable of
producing two-dimensional animations. I will be explaining the key features of
each application software and in what ways they can be used to produce an
animation, I will also be comparing each of the application software referring
to their limitations and benefits. Animation can become a very expensive hobby
due to the equipment required to make professional looking work. programs,
drawing tablets and computers are all requirements needed for an animator to create
an animation. Some two-dimensional Animation software are completely free to
use. As each animator will have some differences in the way they work whether
it be their graphical style or the complexity of their animation it is
beneficial that the animator finds the perfect animation software for them
which will not only suit their project, but appeal to them as an animator.

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Adobe Flash Professional (now
known as Adobe Animate) is used as both an animation program and multimedia
authoring program which is developed by Adobe. Adobe Animate can be used to create
and edit vector graphics and animations. Raster graphics, embedding (audio and
video), ActionScript scripting and rich text are completely supported within
the program. Animate also has multiple format options, animations can be
published as: WebGL, SVG (scalable vector graphic), HTML5, SWF (Legacy Flash
Player) and Adobe Air Formats. (Adobe Animate, 2018) Adobe Animate CC is
at the forefront of animation and is a very professional software that has many
features to assist animators allow their ideas and concepts come to life.
Animate is advertised to help in bringing advertisements and cartoons to life,
add action to tutorials and publish animations quickly to an array of
platforms. Animate can be used to create diverse types of animations such as
advertisements, apps, videos, games, and even full-length films. Asset
designing and even coding can be done within the program. Projects being
created in Adobe Animate use the simple frame-by-frame method to create
animations. Animate is constantly getting new features added on a regular basis,
here are some of the new features added in the latest updates of the program:
Camera and layer depth, also referred to as the camera tool allows the user to
move the screen in multiple ways, this allows users to zoom, rotate and pan,
this allows the user to create an illusion of depth within the animation,
giving each animation extra immersion and life. Another feature of Animate is
the powerful options within timeline, this makes it much easier for the user to
reduce or extend the duration of individual frames, this makes it easy for the
user to make their animation faster or slower whenever they wish. (Adobe, 2018) Overall Adobe Flash
is a very professional and productive software that allows users to create
animations with ease.


Adobe After Effects, which is also developed by
Adobe, is a well-known visual effects, compositing and motion graphics
application. As its name implies after effects is used during the
post-production of an animation, production of film or television. After
effects can be used to composite or insert additional graphics into video
footage or an image. (Adobe After Effects, 2018) After Effects is
used by many professional designers and animators to produce both visual
effects and/or motion graphics which can be used for multiple purposes such as
videos, films, and television. With After Effects users can start from scratch
if they desire, or if they want a foundation they can use one of many pre-sets
within the program. After Effects can be used to turn several images into an
animation and even add audio. Much like 

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